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Why does this code not go back to the Post list page when I submit a reply and click the Bounce button?

It's like an effect of SF. We click on a heading in the Posts list page to enter the topic inside the topic after the submission of the post reply and then click the Browser Back button and then back to the Post list page, but I do this effect has a

Create back to top button

Let's take a look at the effect first. In the first case, when the page is at the top, the back-to-top button does not appear. In the second case, when the page leaves the top of the page for a certain distance, the back-to-top button appears and

Php idea and code for simulating asp. netwebFrom button submission events

This article mainly introduces php asp simulation. the idea and code of the netwebFrom button to submit the event. if you need it, you can refer to the php project development required by the company. php is just getting started. during the process

Php idea and code for simulating the webFrom button to submit events

As the company needs php project development, php is just getting started. In the process of writing button submission, the button events in are better. Let's take a look at the following code, Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Require_once '..

JavaScript-How to implement the back button via the browser to return to the previous page, the previous page reloaded?

Title I want to click the Back button of the browser, return to the previous page to request the server again, reload the page, to ensure that the content of the returned page is up to date, how to do it via PHP or JQuery. What is the specific idea

Follow your Heart (a)-the first day of learning PHP

Follow Your Heart (---) The first day of learning PHP Yesterday did not sleep well, and P said, probably because you want to go, I did not sleep well yesterday, he said, certainly not, because of that hot pot, because I also uncomfortable stomach. I

PHP/GTK How to install

Installation of PHP/GTK php-gtk-2.0.1 Source php-gtk-2.0.1 Windows Binary Pack php-gtk-2.0.1 Windows Binary Extensions Pack is not all useful, installed in what place, hope pointing ... Reply to discussion (solution) CopyPHP/GTK allows PHP to

How to improve php code quality 36 _ PHP Tutorial

It is very easy to teach to improve the quality of php code by 36. 1. do not use relative paths. you will often see: require_once (... libsome_class.php). This method has many disadvantages: it first looks for the specified php inclusion path and

Enable IIS to support PHP,ISAPI or cgi,fastcgi full configuration tutorial (latest php5.2.13 configuration method) _win server

Configure the ISAPI mode of PHP under Windows Server 2003 IIS6 by adding a new Web service extension in IIS's Web service extensions, with the program suffix PHP,ISAPI program as Php5isapi.dll. And then my Computer.-> Properties-> Advanced->

PHP debugging Guide

      I. Prerequisites We need a web server to parse the pages created with PHP and display them to the browser. Apache2 is used in this article. However, any web server can meet the requirements. To use some Debugging techniques

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