php back to previous page without refresh

Discover php back to previous page without refresh, include the articles, news, trends, analysis and practical advice about php back to previous page without refresh on anti-Refresh repeated submission and anti-Rewind solution set!

1. Disable the submit button after submission (such as csdn)2. If data processing is successful, you will be redirected to another page immediately!Refresh after the operation is indeed a problem. You can use to jump to the page and close this page.

PHP Configuration Chinese explanation

PHP Tutorial Configuration Chinese Narration Let's see what you see, php.ini. [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;; WARNING;;;;;;;;;;;;; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations.; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for;

Jquery refresh page

Partial Refresh: This method is much more common; $. Get method, $. Post method, $. getjson method, $. Ajax method is as follows The first two methods are basically the same. $. Get ("Default. php", {ID: "1", page: "2 ″}, Function (data ){

Php/javascript/css/jquery Common Knowledge Daquan detailed finishing 1th/2 page _php tips

1. What is the definition of a variable? How do I check that a variable is defined? How do I delete a variable? How do I detect if a variable is set? $ defines whether the isset ()//check variable is setDefined ()//Detect constants are setUnset

Phpstorm can locally test PHP without installing apache. phpstormapache_PHP tutorial

Phpstorm can locally test PHP and phpstormapache without installing apache. Phpstorm can test PHP locally without installing apache. phpstormapache has another PHP project recently. I have found phpstorm is very small and easy to use ,, by the way,

Phpstorm can locally test the PHP-php Tutorial without installing apache

Without installing apache, phpstorm can locally test PHP and create another PHP Project. after finding a lot, phpstorm is very small and easy to use. By the way, it is recommended that idea develop android very well, both IDEs are owned by one

PHP debugging Guide

      I. Prerequisites We need a web server to parse the pages created with PHP and display them to the browser. Apache2 is used in this article. However, any web server can meet the requirements. To use some Debugging techniques

PHP Core Knowledge Essentials, PHP Core Essentials _php Tutorial

PHP Core Knowledge Essentials, PHP core points PHP: scripting language, website building, server-side running PHP Definition: A server-side HTML scripting/programming language, is a simple, object-oriented, interpreted, robust, secure, high

centos+nginx+php-fpm+php include fastcgi_params PHP page to access but blank, was fastcgi_params and fastcgi.conf harm dire

Today, in CentOS, this is the discovery of constant access to the page, the browser prompt is OK. and access to the HTML suffix is the normal appearance of the content.However, access to the PHP suffix is returned to a blank page, the same time to

PHP installation _php base on IIS and APACHE2 servers under XP

Recently, a lot of friends asked me about the installation process of PHP under Windows XP, just recently I successfully installed the PHP4.23 in a modular manner on my own machine. Since so many friends need it, I'll take the most common IIS and

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