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[Python learning] to emulate the browser download csdn source text and to achieve a PDF format backup

recently suddenly want to give their own blog backup, looked at two software: one is CSDN blog export software, it seems that can not be used now; one is the bean John Blog backup experts, feeling are too slow, and not flexible, want to separate

Create PDF Chinese Document _php Basics with PHP

I am using Fpdf (, after downloading the Fpdf class library, but also use the following Chinese class library to support Chinese, but only one Chinese font (Chinese imitation). I've been bothering for a long time, and now I'm done.

PHP Basics Tutorial PDF

: Network Disk DownloadIntroduction edit this book is very easy to understand the basic concept of PHP language, the use of methods and considerations. Through a wealth of examples, the book leads the reader to master the popular web development

Computer Open ebook Summary

Reproduced from, if there is infringement please contact me in time.An open book is a book for public Domain, Creative Common, and some open source software protocols (MIT, Apache, GPL, and so on). When I go to

Object-oriented and process-oriented _php in PHP

The reader for this articleThis article is intended for readers who want to learn about object-oriented and process-oriented programming in PHP, both novice and veteran. Suppose the reader is familiar with the use of PHP and classes. Introduction "

Object-oriented and process-oriented in PHP

objects | procedures Brief introduction"True Genius has the ability to correctly assess uncertain, risky, and contradictory information." --Churchill " When you use many programming languages, you can usually only use one of the object-oriented or

PHP Object-oriented and PHP process-oriented pros and cons _php tutorial

Object-oriented and process-oriented can only be programmed in one of many programming languages, but the PHP language differs from other programming languages in that we are free to choose or toIf you're new to PHP, writing code with PHP's

PHP Template engine smarty_php Basics

The logical layer and presentation layer of the MVC development pattern in PHP has a variety of template engines to choose from, but when the official engine Smarty is born, the choice changes. Its idea and realization are quite "avantgarde". This

< reprint > Free programming Book Resources recommended by foreign programmers

One, George Stocker provides a large string, categorized as follows:How to Design Programs:an Introduction to Computing and programmingComputer Science EbooksFree Tech BooksMindView INCWikibooks:programmingCheat Sheets (free)CodePlex List of Free

PHP course articles from IBM

Ibm php tutorials overview PHP introduction deployment and installation XAMPP for easy integration development source code control using PHP and Subversion from scratch to create a blog development learning? PHP started to understand the objects in

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