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Chinese Web fonts: Web Designer's font substitution method

Article Description: A guide to the method of font substitution for web designers. Before this article: The dilemma of Chinese web fonts When designers abroad happily discuss how to replace fonts without images, when Google proudly to

Modify the vim font color to solve the problem that the blue comment in the c or php file cannot be viewed clearly.

Use putty or securecrt to connect to the linux server and use vi to edit *. php or *. in the c file, the blue comment is very light and hard to see. it looks very eye-catching. The effect is as follows: I have used to the default color, and I don't

How to set the font color in HTML

Do the site must want to make their website content colorful, then you may want to change the black font, how to set the font color of the page? Let's give you a brief introduction today. div font Color div inside text color settings Chapter Use

Zend Studio 9.0.4 hack, Chinese and font color and shortcut related Settings _php Tutorial

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Summary of setting the font size using css on a PHP website

Font size refers to the size of a word displayed on the screen or printed media. each word is regarded as a square, and the size is calculated based on the diagonal length of the square. the font size is the same as the font color, it is an

Summary of various ways to set font size in Web pages

In the Web page often to the font size, font location settings, this article is mainly for everyone in detail through the JS/JQ, CSS set font size summary, hope to help everyone! Related Summary of font size 1. Best font size settings on the mobile

How to change the font size of the php verification code

How to change the font size of the php verification code [color = # 0000FF] the number displayed in the verification code image is too small. how can I change the font size in the following code, is that the number is bigger [/color] // Generate a

How to change the size of PHP captcha font

How to change the size of PHP captcha font [color= #0000FF] This verification code picture shows the number is too small, how to change the size of the font in the following code, the number becomes larger [/color] Generate a Captcha

Change the color of a font or background in a shell or Perl _linux Shell

There are several prompt variables to mention when the color of the terminal is mentioned under the shell: PS1: The default prompt, that is, after the remote boarding system, open the terminal, we see the familiar prompt every day; [Root@vps ~]

PHP Chinese letter/digit verification code class, customizable font _ PHP Tutorial

PHP Chinese letter/digit verification code class, which allows you to customize the font. In actual project development, verification code problems are often encountered, such as login pages, message pages, registration page verification code

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