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[Reprint]linux compiler PHP Configure parameters specific meaning

Compiled n times the same thing. Original address:Linux compiled php configure parameters specific meaning of the Czech Heart specialMeaning of PHP compiler parameters./configure–prefix=/usr/local/phpPHPinstallation

Assemble lamp PHP./configure parameter, does not appear mysq

Install lamp PHP./configure parameter, does not appear mysq Compile parameters: ./configure \--prefix=/usr/local/php5 \--with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs \--enable-shared \-- With-libxml-dir \--with-gd \--with-openssl \--enable-mbstring

Compile php./configure command What's the difference between enable and with

Original: ----------------------- Enable is an extension that enables PHP source

Paip. php configure Zend debugger breakpoint debugging for Cli ..

Paip. php configure zenddebugger breakpoint debugging for Cli .. Author attilax, email: 1466519819@qq.comSource: attilax ColumnAddress: You need to use PHP to write a command line script... so you need breakpoint

Php-configure Error Resolution

Configure:error:libjpeg. (A|SO) not foundConfigure:error:libjpeg. (A|SO) not foundLN-SF libjpeg.soConfigure:error:libpng. (A|SO) not found.Yum Install Libpng-develBoth 32-and 64-bit are loaded. You can force the removal of two

PHP: Configure open_basedir to run each virtual site independently _ PHP Tutorial

Configure open_basedir in PHP to run each virtual site independently. Several years ago, I complained that Apache was not running PHP securely. as long as one site was taken down, other sites on the server would suffer. At that time, I felt that

PHP: Configure open_basedir to run the virtual sites independently _ PHP Tutorial

Configure open_basedir in PHP to run virtual sites independently. At that time, I thought this was really bad compared with IIS, because in IIS, you can set an anonymous account used for site or even directory access in security, as long as the

PHP configure: error: Cannot find ldap libraries in/usr/lib

PHP5.4.8 is compiled and installed in 64-bit CentOS today. The result is displayed in configure. First, the most common cause is configure: error: libjpeg. (a | so) not found. This is because most of our software only requires rpm-qa | grep *** Now

Install lamp PHP./configure parameter, mysq_php tutorial not appearing

Compile parameters: ./configure \--prefix=/usr/local/php5 \--with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs \--enable-shared \-- With-libxml-dir \--with-gd \--with-openssl \--enable-mbstring \--with-mcrypt \--with-mysqli \-- With-mysql

PHP configure: error: mysqlconfigurefailed. Plea

This article is from: phpoa has not compiled and installed php for a long time. in order to play nginx, there is no way to compile and test it once. the parameters I added for compilation are: #./configure? Prefix/usr/local/php?

Ueditor+php Configure seven cows upload pictures tutorial

Ueditor as Baidu's visual editor, by the vast number of users sought after! and seven Neu Yun storage is dedicated to provide users with attachment storage, fast upload, attachment security of a cloud products, many companies do not intend to use

[Highlights] PHP extension [xhprof, eaccelerator]

[Summary] PHP extension [xhprof, eaccelerator] Environment 1. PHP5.3.8, fastcgi installation, installation directory/usr/local/php2.CentOS5.5? Xhprofgenerate # cdxhprof-0.9 [summary] PHP extension [xhprof,

Install Apache and PHP under Linux; Apache+php+mysql Configuration Introduction _ Server

1.apache Download the Apache for Linux source package on the following page; Save to/home/xx directory, XX is a self-built folder, I built a WJ folder. List of commands: Cd/home/wj TAR-ZXVF httpd-2.0.54.tar.gz MV

Install Apache and PHP in Linux; Apache + PHP + MySQL Configuration Guide

1. Apache Download the source code package of Apache for Linux on the following page Http:// /; Save to the/home/XX directory. XX is a self-built folder. I created a WJ folder. command list: Cd/home/WJ tar-zxvf httpd-2.

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project hiphop-PHP (original)

Introduction to the open-source Facebook project Hiphop-php (original)Author: Yu Chao EMail: Facebook's open-source Hiphop-php can compile php into a C ++ program to improve the running efficiency of the site. The latest source

Detailed Introduction: Apache+php+mysql Configuration Strategy

first, the system requirements : This system is tested through the REDHAT7.2 version second, the server-side software requirements: 1: Download Apache Web SERVER Apache's network station 2. Download PHP parser to PHP's Web

Apache Multi-Port multiple site configuration method _linux

Configure httpd.conf Listening on multiple ports Copy Code code as follows: # Listen:allows to bind Apache to specific IP addresses and/or # ports, instead of the default. Also the # directive. # # Listen on specific IP

Implementation of the ajax real-time task prompt function page 1/2

For the project code structure, see the article [EXT/FCKEditor Integration -- ajax ui -- a new way of thinking for web development, and the idea should be converted in a timely manner.In├ ── Taskofpig│ ─ ── Controller│ ─ ── Dao│ ─ ── Js│ Audio-music│

Under Windows compiled php7.2 extremely extended Judy

This article is shared by the Windows compiler php7.2 extremely extended Judy, now share to everyone, a friend in need can refer to the content of this article PHP has upgraded to 7.2 and intends to start using php7.2, but I often use an extension

Php enable and disable error prompt _ PHP Tutorial

Php enabling and disabling error messages. There are several ways to enable and disable error prompts in php: one can directly use related functions in the program to open an account, and the other can use php. configure parameters in ini to control.

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