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PHP Configuration Chinese explanation

PHP Tutorial Configuration Chinese Narration Let's see what you see, php.ini. [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;; WARNING;;;;;;;;;;;;; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations.; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for;

PHP Dynamic Extension Module

Compiling the source package requires./configure then compile a. so fileOne less error packetInstall packageNormal displayThe LS directory has a./configure fileQuerying module LocationsEditing a configuration fileEditing a configuration fileIncrease

Several PHP server architectures are strongly recommended!

Several PHP server architectures are strongly recommended !!! I found a good article and introduced in detail several architectures of the current PHP Server. I specially reprinted it. I strongly recommend it !!? Nginx + PHP + PHP-FPM (FastCGI) on

Php command line mode

PHP features: the command line mode starts with version 4.3.0. PHP provides a new type of cli sapi (Server Application Programming Interface, Server Application Programming Port) support, named CLI, command Line Interface, that is, Command Line

init.php file PHP Get the parent directory method summary for the current file

Method One: First obtain the length of the folder in which the current file is located, and then use substr to intercept the length: Copy the Code code as follows: $dirName = str_replace ("\ \", "/", DirName (__file__));$dirNameLength = strlen

PHP get the current path and directory example _php tutorial

The code is as follows /*** PHP Get path or directory implementation* @link*/ Magic variable to get the absolute path of the current fileecho "__file__: ========>". __file__;Echo ''; Magic variable, gets

PHP get the current path and directory example

  code as follows   /**  * php Fetch path or directory implementation  * @l Ink  */   //Magic variable, get the absolute path of the current file echo "__file__:  ========> ".

Php cookie working principles and instance details, cookie Working Principles

Php cookie working principles and instance details, cookie Working Principles Cookies are commonly used in php, but many friends may not know how cookies work. The following small series will help you sort out php cookies. Working Principle and some

PHP command-line mode

Starting with version 4.3.0, PHP provides a new type of CLI SAPI (Server application Programming Interface, service-side application programming port) support, called CLI, which means Command line Interface , which is the command-line interface. As

Example of PHP getting the current path and Directory

PHP obtains directories and methods through magic variables, Super global variables, and related functions: The code is as follows:Copy code /*** PHP path or directory retrieval implementation* @ Link*/ // Magic variable to

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