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HDTV Playback Kit [Ultimate decoding]2007 New Lunar New Edition update _ Common Tools

The ultimate decoding 2007 New Year version is a versatile, highly integrated decoding package, with three kinds of popular players (mpc/kmp/bsp) and WMP to provide good support, in simple, complex, English 3 language platform to achieve a variety

What is green software and how to make green software --

What is green software and How to Make It (reprinted )-- The author wrote a strong article about green software. Definition and classification of green software After installing the operating system, we usually need to install some commonly used

94 free software better than paid Software

Best Web Browser Firefox. Firefox is a very popular browser with higher security and user customization than IE. It can be automatically upgraded, fast tag browsing, and better privacy and confidentiality settings, an integrated search box

94 of the best priceless Software

Peter note: the original article named 94 free software that is better than paid software. I did not fully agree after reading the full text, so I did not follow the original title. However, as free software, they are definitely the best, and some

NETTY Encoder Introduction

1. Background 1.1. Coding and decoding technologyOften we also get used to calling encoding (Encode) serialization (serialization), which serializes objects into byte arrays for network transmission, data persistence, or other purposes.Conversely,

Analysis of Netty codec frame of "Turn" Netty series Background 1.1. Coding and decoding technologyOften we also get used to calling encoding (Encode) serialization (serialization), which serializes objects into byte arrays for network

PHP generation, identification of QR code

Warm tip: After this 2 days of tossing, I uninstalled the php7.1. There's only one reason--I want to install the barcode Extension Module Php-zbarcode C language source code does not support PHP7. Changed the source code for half a day, or did not

[Reprint] MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codecs list (from doom9)

Now we prepare information for second H. 264 codecs comparison test, that will be compared with more advanced metrics. so we collect information about current available codecs and there stage. if you have any information about this codecs or another

I would like to recommend some software that I think is very good!

The son once said: "to do good deeds, you must first sharpen your tools !", Haha, good software will inevitably improve the efficiency of work and life. Next I will sort out the software that I personally think is good. I may have mentioned a few

Apache + Tomcat + PHP + MySQL + Zend in Windows

1. Prerequisites: Sufficient space. If you have already installed IIS, uninstall or disable IIS. Actually, it is to close any port 80Program. 2. Software preparation = Apache Version: apache_2.2.6-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Role: Web Server =

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