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Log PHP Logs

1 , log php error logsThe difference between display_errors and log_errorsDisplay_errorsError echo, commonly used in development mode, but many applications also forget to turn off this option in a formal environment. Error echo can expose a lot of

JS Judging Browser type

JS Judging Browser typeHow Web pages are displayed in full screen on computers with different resolutionsThe first method: Make a Web page to solve the problem (a bit longer)If only because the viewer changed the browser settings, or because the

10 tips for PHP Web websites to adapt to mobile devices

[Editor's note] compared with the desktop end, users are increasingly accessing webpages from mobile devices, which is nothing new. However, developers still need to work hard to make the website better adapt to the current mobile devices. At the

How to place and process pictures and videos in responsive web pages

Responsive web design, is a popular web development idea, it is the use of flexible grid system, so that the display mode of the Web page can be accessed according to the screen size specifications and adaptive. By 2015, the number of users on the

Web Application Security Defense 100 Technology

Web Application Security Defense 100 TechnologyHow to defend against web Application Security is a question that every web security practitioner may ask. It is very difficult to answer. It is easy to be too superficial or theoretical. To clarify

Boot Loader:grub Advanced [Turn]

Boot Loader:grub AdvancedThis document records some of the advanced configuration of GrubVGA configuration for core functionsIn fact, your tty1~tty6 in addition to the resolution of 80x24, but also can have other resolution support Oh! But the

15 chrome plug-ins for web designers and developers

Because I am dependent on the firebug plug-in, there is not a completely corresponding plug-in the Chrome browser, so I still use the Firefox browser from time to time, however, I am very satisfied with Google's browser speed, screen space

Linux Study notes-the 18th lesson-lamp Environment Construction (a)

First, the preparation of lamp constructionLamp is the abbreviation for four sets of software, refers to l-linux,a-apache,m-mysql,p-php, the use of these four sets of software to build the environment of the web.Need to download good software before

15 Chrome plug-ins for Web designers and developers

1. Aviary Screen CaptureScreenAviary Screen Capture allows you to take screenshots of web pages. After obtaining the screen snapshot, use the application to edit the snapshot in the browser. The basic image editing device allows you to

14 Free responsive web-testing tools

[Introduction] Once you decide to build a website you should have a design standard in place. What do you think you should do next? Test! I use the word test to detect how your site responds to different screen and browser sizes. Testing is an

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