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Talking about the management way of the PHP development team

Description: This article extracts from the "talking about the PHP development team management and the problem of the programmer". Please click here to visit the full text. Read the title, perhaps a lot of programmers will be disgusted to say: "The

Talk about the three-stream, the development team of those things--(1)

2015-5-06 Evening 23:50First of all to do a self-introduction, bo main direction of the main directions to the C + +, and occasionally with some other language and technology to solve different degrees of problems, research safety testing technology,

Talking about the management way of the PHP development team

Read the title, perhaps a lot of programmers will be disgusted to say: "The programmer's life problem first, you want to come out of this title, then you are not a person has a problem!" ” I do not refute this argument, everyone has their own

PHP debugging team development environment configuration-supports enterprise-level development

PHP debugging team development environment Configuration This article mainly describes the environment configuration for PHP development. Detailed steps and diagrams are provided to demonstrate the powerful php Enterprise Development Support of

Php development framework

There are too many reasons for making PHP the world's most popular scripting language-highly flexible, easy to use-but when writing PHP (or any of these languages) code, people often get stuck in monotonous repetitive and annoying physical

PHP development team's first Chinese member and his Yaf_PHP tutorial

The first Chinese member of the PHP development team and his Yaf. The PHP development team has finally participated in Chinese people. recently, Laruence (, the real name Huixin community, joined the official PHP language

PHP Development Framework

What is the PHP development framework that makes PHP the most popular scripting language in the world for so many reasons? Highly flexible and easy to use?? But when it comes to writing PHP (or any of that language) code, people often get stuck in

Php development and learning highlights + 12 development tools

The knowledge in grammar structure textbooks is different from that in actual programming. Real knowledge must be obtained in actual development. Every PHP developer should be familiar with the following five things before developing a web

Continuous integration-the development process for a small team of PHP projects.

Want to consult under the small team under 3-4 people, if the project version of the development Process control. Development---submit version->beta->, if effective control. There is no better development process in addition to SVN version control,

Team Work (i)

The first simple introduction of me and our team members, with two words can be summed up: ordinary, did not participate in ACM, and did not have a project with the teacher, can say the big budget for the export of the curriculum design of the

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