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How to Do Error 404 automatic page Jump

Recently I found a more detailed and reasonable article. Some of them must think it is very important. The 404 page adjustment should not use Meta Refresh, which makes it easy for search engines to misjudge and deserves attention. Second, there is a

404 error handling methods and impact on Seo

In the article "view how search engine spider crawls your website through HTTP status code", I introduced some frequently-involved HTTP status codes and their meanings, for example, the HTTP Status Code 404 related to this article is frequently

404 not found !, 404 notfound

404 not found !, 404 notfound404 not found! Sorry, no article is found !! What is 404 Not Found? 404 page is a necessary page for a website. It carries the important responsibilities of user experience and SEO optimization. The 404 page usually

NGINX configuration 404 error page redirection

NGINX configuration 404 error page redirection What is the 404 page?If a website error occurs, or the user attempts to access a page that does not exist, the server returns error code 404. the corresponding page is the 404 page. The default

PHP custom 404 error

Introduction: This is a detailed page for PHP custom 404 errors. It introduces PHP related knowledge, skills, experiences, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 322981 '

PHPheader () function usage details (301, 404 and other error settings) _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Use the PHPheader () function in detail (error settings such as 301 and 404 ). If you have just started learning PHP, there may be many functions that need to be studied. today we will learn how to use PHPHeader (). for more instructions, please

php:404 error trap and email to Administrator program _php Tutorial

# 404.php, 8/10/2000. # Traps 404 Errors and mails a notice to the webmaster. # Requires PHP 3.0 or newer, and mail capability on your system. # # Copyright under the GNU public License. # disclaimer:i wrote this script for me, and it

How to Build 404 page redirection

The core of SEO operations is intra-site optimization. The main content of intra-site optimization is to complete various details. -- Doing well in these details can play an unexpected effect on website rankings. Today, the basic SEO operation

PHP: 404 error trap and email it to the administrator program

& Lt ;? # 404.php, 8/10/2000. # Traps404errorsandmailsanoticetothewebmaster. # RequiresPHP3.0ornewer, andmailcapabilityonyoursystem. # Copyright2000shaun@shat.netundertheG # 404.php, 8/10/2000.# Traps 404 errors and mails a notice to the webmaster.

The PHP header () function uses detailed (301, 404 error settings) _php instance

If you are just beginning to learn PHP, there may be many functions to study, today we will learn how to use the PHP Header (), more instructions, please refer to the PHP Chinese manual, the following is about the Header function detailed use

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