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This example describes how PHP obtains the number of days and date arrays by month. Share to everyone for reference, as follows: function Get_day ($date) {$tem = explode ('-', $date);//cut date to get year and month $year = $tem [' 0 ']; $month =

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The segmentation of a split string string is achieved through the explode () function. The explode () function splits a string by the specified rules and returns an array of values. Its syntax is as follows: The parameter list for the explode

Explode function usage analysis in php, phpexplode function usage _ PHP Tutorial

Analysis of explode function usage in php and phpexplode function usage. Php explode function usage analysis, phpexplode function usage this article examples analysis of php explode function usage. Share it with you for your reference. Details:

The explode () function of the PHP string is used

Explode (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) Explode-split a string by string explode-using one string to split another string Descriptionarrayexplode( $delimiter, $string[, $limitPHP_INT_MAX] )//Returns an array

A detailed definition of the explode () function in PHP

I believe that the small partners see the title will know that PHP explode () function of the string function, and we also know explode () function to write the segmentation of the split string PHP function, then we will give you a detailed

Instructions for using the PHP explode () function and the implode () function

Explode and implode in PHP, ballet shoes, look forward to the Huubang to help! Speaking of PHP, the function is often the main, is also PHP enthusiasts, and like PHP advanced friends must control the east, learning PHP Huubang also know that the

PHP explode function explained, Phpexplode function _php Tutorial

PHP explode function explained, Phpexplode function This article reprinted address: The PHP explode function uses one string to split the other string, and the split string is combined into an array, and

PHP Explode function Instance Code _php Foundation

The explode () function splits the string into arrays. Syntax explode (separator,string,limit) Parameters Description Separator Necessary. Specify where to split the string. String Necessary.

PHP explode and implode usage instructions

Let's talk about the use of explode and implode in php, ballet shoes, and hope to help friends and friends! Speaking of php, the function is very long and important, and it is also a php enthusiast, and friends who prefer php Advanced must control

The difference between the explode () function and the strtok () function in PHP

Both the PHP strtok () function and the explode () function can be used to split a string, but there are some differences between the two, and the Strtok () function can control the rhythm of the explode (), and this article describes in detail the

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