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PHP in the GD library add freetype extension

Business requirements to use the Imagefttext function, found that the GD library was initially installed without adding FreeType. This article is mainly for you to share a PHP GD library to add FreeType expansion of the method, with a good reference

PHP5.5.7 compiling in MAC: configure: error: freetype. hnotfoun

When you execute configura, the following message is displayed: configure: error: freetype. hnotfound. freetype is installed using brew. You can also query this file stk-tianwen: freetype2hufeiyan $ lsusrlocal1_defreetype2freetype.

Install gd (freetype, jpeg, png, and zlib) in php)

Gd (freetype, jpeg, and png) is required for php installation) support 1. install freetype [root @ localhostsofts] tarxffreetype-250tarbz2-Cusrsrc [root @ localhostsofts] cdusrsrcfreetype-250 [r install php requires gd (freetype, jpeg, png) support 1

In Ubuntu PHP does not support the FreeType of the GD library, resulting in the page verification code cannot be loaded

1. Modify the sourceCp/etc/apt/sources.list/etc/apt/sources.list.bakVim/etc/apt/sources.listFirst delete the contents, then write the following:Deb Http:// main restricted universe multiverseDeb

Linux under Php+gd2+freetype+jpeg+png+zlib compilation installation

Event Origin: Discuz Background to open the Chinese code hint said does not support FreeType, but FreeType seems to need GD2 call to take effect.So the installation of GD2, installation of GD2 by the time the installation of Jpeg,png,zlibThe

Mac upgrade Yosemite After installing GD's FreeType extension

Mac upgrade system to Yosemite 10.10, for you coder, still need some time to toss!@ Under the Stars students reflect PHPCMS verification code picture can not be normal display, feedback the verification code needs GD library support FreeType, here

Mac OS x comes with PHP environment, no FreeType workaround

Recently use their own computer to do a small thing, need to use the verification code, with the thinkphp framework, TP Verification code needs FreeType Library support, MAC OS X with Apache and PHP, directly configured can be used, very convenient,

PHP installation GD (FreeType, JPEG, PNG, zlib)

Installing PHP requires GD (FreeType, JPEG, PNG) support 1. Installation FreeType [Root@localhost softs]# tar XF freetype-2.5.0.tar.bz2-c/usr/src/ [Root@localhost softs]# cd/usr/src/freetype-2.5.0 [Root@localhost

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)1. Check whether the FreeType is installedRpm-qa | grep FreeTypeNo words compiled freetype here

Mac OS X comes with PHP Environment GD Library installation extension FreeType (call to undefined function imagettftext ())

When using thinkphp, the verification code does not display, there is an error: "Call to undefined function imagettftext ()", which is due to the lack of freetype extension in the PHP GD library;The solution is as follows:Download FreeType

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