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New features and new features in PHP5 _ PHP Tutorial

New features and new features of PHP5. Because PHP's cool syntax, coupled with poor community atmosphere, many people are not interested in the new version and new features. This article will introduce PHP and later versions, because of the

Use B/S programming mode in PHP to implement plug-in engine functions in C/S programming mode!

PHP uses the BS programming mode to implement the plug-in engine function in the CS software programming mode! '', 'Str2' =>''), 1); * addPlugin ('cleantext', 'strandstr2', array ('str' => '', 'str2' => ''), 2); */function addPlugin ($ tag, $ func,

PHP7 Source: Detailed analysis of PHP virtual machine

This article brings you the content is about PHP7 Source: PHP Virtual Machine Detailed analysis, there is a certain reference value, the need for a friend can refer to, I hope you have some help. 1. Speaking from the physical machine Virtual

[Go] Easy-to-understand PHP multithreading solution

Original: PHP multithreading solution created by Youj, Carrie last modified 2016-12-01When we do the project, some needs,

Detailed introduction to Python processes, threads, and coroutines

We all know the history of processes and threads that computers are composed of hardware and software. The CPU in the hardware is the core of the computer, which undertakes all the tasks of the computer. The operating system is the history of

PHP exception handling methods, php exception handling _ PHP Tutorial

PHP exception handling methods and php exception handling methods. Some methods of exception handling in PHP, php exception handling sorting every new function will create an exponential random number when added to the PHP runtime, in this way,

Those pits of the go language

Golang is my favorite language, it is concise, efficient, easy to learn, the development of high efficiency, can also be compiled into machine code ... Although it was born, and is now popular in the market, but it is a new language, there are many

JavaScript enables ifram to access and communicate with PHP instances across domains, and javascriptifram

JavaScript enables ifram to access and communicate with PHP instances across domains, and javascriptifram Mutual access between iframe and the main framework 1. Mutual access between the same domain Assume that both a.html and B .html domain are

PHP Exception Handling Methods and php Exception Handling Methods

PHP Exception Handling Methods and php Exception Handling Methods Every new function is added to the PHP runtime to create an exponential random number. In this way, developers can use and even abuse this new feature. However, developers did not

PHP under the B/s programming mode to implement the C/S software programming mode plug-in engine function!

", ' str2 ' ="), 1); * Addplugin (' cleantext ', ' strAndStr2 ', Array (' str ' = = ', ' str2 ' = = '), 2); */function Addplugin ($tag, $func, $args =array (), $sort =10) {global $plugin _arr, $plugin _meta, $idx; $plugin _arr[$tag] [$sort][++ $

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