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CDN to get the real IP address of the user

With the rapid rise of nginx, more and more companies to replace Apache into Nginx. At the same time, more and more people use Nginx as load balancer, and the agent may also add CDN acceleration, but also encountered a problem: how to get the user's

PHP gets the user's real IP address

PHP Get client Real IP address method$_server["REMOTE_ADDR" is often used in PHP get client IP.(1) However, if the client is accessed using a proxy server, the IP address of the proxy server is taken, not the real client IP address. To get the real

The method of using PHP to get the real IP of user Client

This article mainly introduces the use of PHP to obtain the user client real IP method, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need for friends can refer to Getting the client IP is not a simple job, because there are IP

Php is a good way to get the user IP address _ PHP Tutorial

Php is a good way to obtain the user IP address. REMOTE_ADDR can only obtain the IP address set in the visitor's local connection, for example, 10 configured on a college campus network. x. XXX. XXX Series IP address, and this function obtains the

PHP Get visitor IP address Rollup _php tutorial

PHP Get visitor IP Address summary  PHP Get visitor IP Address summary In my time we need to get the user's real IP address, for example, log records, geo-location, user information, website data analysis, in fact, get the IP address is very

PHP Get visitor IP Address summary, PHP get visitor ip_php Tutorial

PHP Get visitor IP Address summary, PHP get visitor IP Method 1: $ip = $_server["REMOTE_ADDR"];echo $ip; Method 2: Copy the Code code as follows:$user _ip = ($_server["Http_via"])? $_server["Http_x_forwarded_for"]: $_server["REMOTE_ADDR"];$user _ip

ThinkPHP uses UTFWry address library for IP address locating _ PHP-php Tutorial

In WEB applications, it is also very common to locate and record access logs based on IP addresses. in ThinkPHP, you can easily obtain and locate ThinkPHP IP addresses. Can be in the official website

A program that restricts IP address voting cannot use the PHP code searched under the Internet to obtain the client IP address.

For programs that restrict IP voting, you cannot use the PHP code searched on the Internet to obtain the client IP address. if you want to repost the code to receive a voting activity, you need to restrict the IP address, each IP address limits

PHP get IP address output as Array program code _ PHP Tutorial

PHP obtains the IP address and outputs the code of the array program. There are many ways to get IP addresses in php. next I will introduce how to use linux commands to get IP addresses and convert them into array output, the following describes

Get the common method of User IP address and _php skill of common security hidden Trouble (Http_x_forwarded_for)

Analysis processThis comes from a number of projects that capture User IP and conduct user action records that are common and often used. General friends, you will see the following universal Get IP address method. Copy Code code as follows:

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