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What UI designers should know about Android screen-Android 100 share

Http:// designers need to know Android screen knowledge-Android 100 share a lot of designers and engineers are confused by the numerous screens of Android devices, I do both UI design, but also part of

Determine the screen resolution of the guest monitor through JS and give a hint

This code is intended to determine whether the image is suitable for use as a guest's desktop wallpaper by comparing the resolution of the picture and the resolution of the desktop Determine the screen resolution of the guest monitor through JS and

Determine the screen resolution of a visitor's monitor using js and give tips _ javascript skills

The purpose of this Code is to compare the image resolution and desktop resolution to determine whether the modified image is suitable for use as a visitor's desktop wallpaper. Through js, the screen resolution of the visitor's display is determined

To determine the screen resolution of the guest monitor through JS and give tips _javascript tips

Determine the screen resolution of the guest monitor through JS and give a hint First give the code example: [ CTRL + A All SELECT Note: If you need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] This code is

How to use PHP to process images in a Linux environment

Using PHP to create images is a fairly easy thing to do. As long as you install some Third-party library files and have some knowledge of geometry, you can use PHP to create and process images. PHP currently uses the GD library to process images.

Use PHP to obtain client resolution data

For the first load, the client-side resolution data is not accessed using PHP, because JavaScript should set this data in cookies IntroductionIn PHP, the client-side resolution data is not directly accessed, but in JavaScript, the screen width and

PHP Template engine smarty_php Basics

The logical layer and presentation layer of the MVC development pattern in PHP has a variety of template engines to choose from, but when the official engine Smarty is born, the choice changes. Its idea and realization are quite "avantgarde". This

Android resolution adaptation method

In the past, when I was working on a project in the company, I encountered a resolution adaptation problem. At that time, it was quite tangled. Because there was no Internet connection, this problem was all black and dark, and I tried many methods,

Select the most appropriate template in the PHP world-compare PHPLIBTemplate and FastTemplat

The template application in the PHP project is a good way to handle the presentation layer recommended in medium-sized or large projects. However, the implementation of the template requires a comparison of the existing template technologies. In the

Use PHP to get mobile phone information

The first thing to note is that PHP is the server-side language and is not getting the width and height of the client's screen. However, the workaround is to get the client's computer screen width and height through the client-side scripting

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