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Troubleshooting of high usage of MySQL CPU _ MySQL

Summary of problems with high usage of mysql CPU through previous operations on mysql, I first excluded the mysql configuration problem and checked whether msyql is running normally, view the *. errfile (change the extension name to .txt)

Summary of Solutions to high CPU usage in Mysql

Through previous operations on mysql, I first excluded mysql configuration issues and checked whether msyql is running normally. By checking the *. errfile In the mysql data DIRECTORY (change the extension name to .txt), I can check it in notepad.

"Reprint" PHP-FPM High CPU Usage Troubleshooting method

1. CPU Usage MonitoringSar-p All 1 100The output results are as follows:CPU%user%nice%system%iowait%steal%idleAll 85.54 0.00 5.69 0.00 0.00 8.760 74.75 0.00 25.25 0.00 0.00 0.001 98.00 0.00 2.00 0.00 0.00 0.002 89.22 0.00 3.92 0.00 0.00 6.863 91.00 0

Linux commands-analyze CPU bottlenecks

Linux command ---- analyze CPU bottlenecks to measure CPU performance indicators: 1. CPU usage; CPU running regular user processes CPU running nicedprocessCPU running real-time processes 2. CPU usage; for IO management: interrupt and driver for

Solution to high cpu usage in apache after php encryption

After php encryption is put into the server apache occupies a high cpu. after php encryption is put into the server apache occupies a high cpu, it is easy to reach 100% local encryption program test no problem, mainly Internet, once encrypted, the

PHP connection to Memcached short connection causes high CPU usage

It is found that the web server is abnormal in the monitoring, and the cpu and load will suddenly increase, and then it will return to normal in 10 minutes. Ssh connection, several php-cgi processes use 100% cpu. At that time, I suspected that some

Iis-how to thoroughly optimize the php program to reduce CPU usage?

IIS7.0ISAPIPHP5.2.17MysqlZendOptimizer, however, a serious problem is the high CPU usage... running Environment IIS7.0 ISAPI PHP5.2.17 Mysql ZendOptimizer Program description Multiple programs run in the same server environment. The program is

Reasons why a php process cpu % nice is very high

1. symptom Description: 1. the CPU usage of % user and % sys is not high, but % nice occupies a large amount of CPU resources, with a maximum CPU usage of more than 60%; 2. In ps-elf, PRI is 90, NI is 10, and top is 30 and NI10. Question: Why is the

Apache-using php in embedded devices, php-fpm occupies a high CPU

At present, there is a project on hand, which is to run a website on an embedded device with a linux system. The CPU of the device is in the RAM structure, with a single core and 1 GB. We set up Apache + Mysql + php in the system, and then write a

Linux view CPU performance and operating status instructions Mpstat,vmstat,iostat,sar,top

Metrics to measure CPU performance:1, the user uses the CPU situation;CPU runs regular user processesCPU Running niced ProcessCPU running real-time process2, the system uses CPU condition;For I/O Management: interrupts and drivesFor memory

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