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a more comprehensive set of PHP tutorials , basic video and some small combat projects, below is the video directoryCD-ROM (i) \php employment Class (I.)CD-ROM (i) \php Technical exchange zone. URLCD-ROM (i) \ "Wisdom Special issue" belongs to it

PHP image processing tutorial (1/3) _ PHP Tutorial

PHP image processing tutorial (13 ). PHP image processing Getting Started Tutorial This php image generation tutorial is a php Tutorial from generating a simple image to generating a complex image, in a simple way, there are 12 image generation

Php image function example (non-original) _ PHP Tutorial

Php image function example (not original ). The following is a method: if (! Function_exists (imagecreate) {die (this server does not support the GD module);} if not, how can I configure it? Download the dll file of the gd module and modify the

PHP Hercules [043 knots] brother Lian Gaulo PHP Tutorial 2015 [latest latest latest update]

Brother Lian Gaulo teacher new PHP video Tutorial list "Daily Updates"Http:// Section1, [2015] brother even Gaulo HTML video tutorial 1 HTML design and application [published, click to download]2, [2015

Eon PHP 2nd season video Tutorial

---------------Course Catalogue---------------137.[php second quarter] The 18th chapter is the Object-oriented foundation (1). avi138.[php second quarter] The 18th chapter is the Object-oriented foundation (2). avi139.[php second quarter] the 19th

Ajax image Upload cut _ PHP Tutorial

Upload and cut ajax images. Allow users to upload images in AJAX mode. allow users to select a certain area of the image. finally, three file indexes will be used for providing a cropped image. php-allows users to upload images in AJAX mode · Allow

Php automatically crops an image into a thumbnail after uploading it. the width is not limited to height _ PHP Tutorial

After uploading an image in php, the image is automatically cropped to a thumbnail with no width or height. After uploading an image in the php Tutorial, the image will be automatically cropped to a thumbnail. what is the width and height? Php $ Id:

PHP Image Function Large example (non-original) _php tutorial

The following approach is a method: if (!function_exists (' imagecreate ')) { Die (' This server does not support GD module '); } How do I configure it if not supported? Download the DLL file of GD module, modify the php.ini, restart the

Php uploads an image watermark (image watermark, text watermark) _ PHP Tutorial

Php uploads images and adds watermarks (image watermarks and text watermarks ). Php uploads an image watermark (image watermark, text watermark). This is a complete watermark that is automatically added to the image when the user uploads the image,

PHP environment Fckeditor Upload image Configuration tutorial

The previous PHP Getting Started Tutorial introduced how to install and configure Fckeditor in the PHP environment. today we will introduce how to configure the image upload function of Fckeditor in PHP, this article introduces how to install and

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