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"Reprint" How to install Lighttpd Web Server in Ubuntu 15.04/centos 7

LIGHTTPD is an open source Web server software. The LIGHTTPD is safe, fast, industry-standard, adaptable and optimized for high-configuration environments. LIGHTTPD consumes less memory than other Web servers, and stands out from many Web servers in

PHP 5.4 on Centos/rhel 7.0, 6.5 and 5.10 via Yum

PHP 5.4.36 have been released on on 18th December, and are also available for Centos/rhel 5.10 and 6.5 at WEBTA Tic via Yum.Update 2013-07-21–a New Package ' PHP54W-MYSQLND ' has been added as a alternative to "Php54w-mysql". This would

Reproduced PHP 5.6 on Centos/rhel 7.0 and 6.6 via Yum 5.6.5 have been released on on 22nd January, and are also available for Centos/rhel 6.5 at webtatic via Yum .PHP 5.6 Adds new features such as: Constant scalar expressions Variadic

Install Nginx/PHP 7/MySQL 16.04 (LEMP) on Ubuntu 5.7 LTS)

Install Nginx/PHP 7/MySQL 16.04 (LEMP) on Ubuntu 5.7 LTS) Nginx (read engine x) is a free and open-source high-performance HTTP service. Nginx is stable, rich feature sets, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. This tutorial explains

Pure CentOS Installation PHP site environment

First, MySQL Databaseinstall MySQL:Yum install MySQL Mysql-serverstart MySQL:/etc/init.d/mysqld startor service mysqld startInitial account password root (blank password)input command MySQL is prompted to indicate that the MySQL installation started

Install PHP 5.5.36 & amp; PHP 5.6.22 in Ubuntu 16.04

Install PHP 5.5.36 & PHP 5.6.22 in Ubuntu 16.04 PHP 5.5.36 & PHP 5.6.22 recently released by both parties. PHP is a popular universal scripting language and is especially suitable for Web development. Fast, flexible, and pragmatic. Dynamic Web

Upgrade php under Ubuntu

Upgrade php under Ubuntu Cause: In the current Apache + PHP environment, an error occurs when a PHP Extension is added: Unable to initialize moduleModule compiled with module API = 20090626PHP compiled with module API = 20100525These options need to

CentOS 7 LNMP Deployment-php

1. Download the installation packageHttp:// Install dependent environmentYum install-y pcre-devel zlib-devel libxml2-devel openssl-devel bzip2 bzip2-devel curl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng libpng- Devel

CentOS php7 yum php + extension

1. Update Yum installation package CentOS 7.x rpm-uvh RPM-UVH https:// CentOS 6.x RPM-UVH latest.rpm CentOS 5.x

Install LAMP PHP5.4 in CentOS yum

Install LAMP PHP5.4 in CentOS yum Linux: CentOS 6.5 1. there is no difference between yum installation and source code compilation, but the installation process is quite different. yum only requires three commands to complete. The source code

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