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Markdown version Evolution

This article as the second chapter of the Markdown series, on the use of Markdown writing technology blog, I stepped on the 6 pit blog mentioned in the version changes to brief outline.This article is made into a mind map, using Atom +

How to seamlessly convert the current syntax format of SegmentFault to the standard Markdown format

The syntax currently used by the SF community is derived from wiki and markdown. More than one person has mentioned this with me, I want to solve this problem when the number of problems is not that large. That is, to replace it with the standard

CSDN markdown Editor First article

Recently csdn new Markdown Editor. I'm an early adopter.The initial contact with the Markdown editor was in the year 2011. At that time, use the Markdown Editor to write a blog. Then put the blog on GitHub to be hosted. Markdown is not ready for

Markdown JS: Write a minimalist static blog using strapdown.js and markdown

Some novice think the use of Markdown station has a flaw is the need for server support, such as jeklly or higridcms, in fact, higrid that is not the case. To only static space friends, Higrid introduced a static rendering Markdown, is strapdown.js.

How to seamlessly convert Segmentfault's current syntax format to the standard markdown format

The current syntax of the SF community is based on wikis and markdown, and more than one person has told me that this is a weird thing, and I want to get rid of it when the number of questions is not so much. That is, the full standard markdown

WeChat mini-app rich text supports HTML and markdown parsing wxParseAlpha0.1

The rich text parsing custom component of the applet, which supports HTML and markdown parsing, may be the first rich text parsing component of the applet. WxParse The rich text parsing custom component of the applet, which supports HTML and

How does one modify the topic file for typecho website creation so that its article is displayed the same as that published by the markdown function?

Let's take a look at the article edited under cmdmarkdown: is it cool to click? take a closer look. the support for markdown is perfect. let's look at the background of the code, the line number, and the highlight are all perfect, which is not as

How to use Gitblog and Markdown to create your own blog. gitblogmarkdown_PHP tutorial

How to use Gitblog and Markdown to create your own blog, gitblogmarkdown. How to use Gitblog and Markdown to create your own blog. here is how to use Gitblog and Markdown to create your own blog, how do you have servers or cloud platforms and use

Python automatically converts a markdown file to an html file

This article describes how to convert a markdown file to an html file automatically by using python. This article is very detailed and has reference value. For more information, see I. Background All documents written by our project developers are

Install and use the markdown extra plugin for wordpress

I used some markdown syntax and found it very good. In the past, blogs used the html language, and they still felt OK. After all, there were few html tags. Commonly used tags were code, a, li, and talbe. However, when reading the source code of the

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