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PHP installation extension MCrypt and related dependencies "Methods for installing PECL extensions in PHP" ____php

One: mcrypt introduction MCrypt is an extension of PHP that completes the encapsulation of commonly used cryptographic algorithms. In fact, the extension is for the MCrypt Standard Class library encapsulation, MCrypt completed a considerable number

Tutorials for making PHP rpm packages

Sometimes in order to facilitate the installation of the source package, we need to customize the software package requirements, we will be some source packages according to our needs to make RPM package, when the source package can be directly

PHP rpm Package Tutorial in Linux

Here we start by making PHP rpm to introduce its production methods. The following operations are performed on the CentOS6.6 64-bit system. Install Rpm-build [ sources]# yum-y Install Rpm-build Create a work shop directory [Root@

How to install mcrypt using yum in CentOS6

When the yum installation prompts that the module cannot be found. The execution process is as follows:[Root @ ptr228 ~] # Yum install php-mcryptSetting up Install ProcessNo package php-mcrypt available.Error: Nothing to doOriginally, the official

CentOS Yum Installation mcrypt detailed illustration tutorial

[email protected] ~]# Yum install php-mcryptsetting up install Processno package Php-mcrypt available. Error:nothing to doThe original CentOS official by default does not support the mcrypt module , so must find another way to toss 2 hours to

Nginx php-fpm Installation Configuration (RPM)

Nginx itself cannot handle PHP, it is just a Web server, when the request is received, if it is a PHP request, then sent to the PHP interpreter processing, and return the results to the client.Nginx is generally the request to send fastcgi

Customized RPM packages for Linux systems

FPM Packaging ToolsFPM's author is Jordansissel.FPM's GITHUB:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/JORDANSISSEL/FPMThe FPM function is simply to convert one type of package into another type.1. Supported source-type packagesDir packages the directory into the

LNMP Server Environment Configuration (linux+nginx+mysql+php) _linux

First, IntroductionNginx is a very lightweight HTTP server written by the Russians, Nginx, which is pronounced "engine X" and is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. Nginx was developed by the

Install NGINX/PHP-FPM on Centos/rhel

Install Nginx, PHP 5.5.15 and php-fpm on Fedora 20/19/18/17, CentOS 7/6.5/5.10, Red Hat (RHEL) 7/6.5/5.101. Change to root user.Su 2. Install needed repositoriesCentOS 7/6.5/5.10 and Red Hat (RHEL) 7/6.5/5.10 Remi

Install Nginx/PHP-FPM environment on CentOS/RHEL6.2/5.8, Fedora17/16

What is PHP-FPMPHP-FPM is a PHPFastCGI manager, is only for PHP, PHP-FPM is actually a patch of PHP source code, designed to integrate FastCGI process management into PHP package. You must patch it to your PHP source code before it can be used after

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