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"PHP" php comment questions, single-line comments and multiline comments with PHP Terminator relationship

A single-line comment only comments to the end of the line or the current PHP code block, depending on which first appears. This means that the //...? > or # ...? the HTML code after > will be displayed:?> jump out of PHP mode and return to HTML

PHP language comments, single-line comments, and multiline comments

This article mainly introduces the PHP language comments, single-line comments and multiline comments, has a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to the following PHP language comments are divided into single-line comments and

Use Dreamweaver to bulk delete single-line comments and multiline comments in PHP projects

1. Delete a single-line comment Open the Dreamweaver Lookup tool, and select the //.* inside the regular substitution is the expression of the regular matching single-line comment 2. Delete Multiline comments also use regular search matches,

PHP language annotation, single line comment and multi-line annotation implementation Step parsing

This time for everyone to bring PHP language comments, single-line comments and multiline comment implementation step resolution, PHP language comments, single-line comments and multiline annotation implementation of the considerations are what, the

Add a specification comment to the PHP code phpdocumentor

More reference Phpdocumentor, comments are divided into document comments and non-document comments.The so-called document comments, are those placed in front of a particular keyword, the multi-line comment,

PDP Document Code Comment specification 1th/2 page _php Basics

1. What is Phpdocumentor? Phpdocumentor is a tool written in PHP, and for PHP programs with canonical annotations, it can quickly generate API documents with cross-references, indexes, and so on. The old version is Phpdoc, starting with 1.3.0,

PDP Document Code Comment specification 1th/2 page _php Tutorial

1. What is Phpdocumentor? Phpdocumentor is a php-written tool for PHP programs with canonical annotations that can quickly generate API documentation with cross-referencing, indexing, and other functions. The old version is Phpdoc, starting from 1.3

PHP Road, Day1-php Foundation

The content of this section1.PHP Introduction2. First PHP script3.PHP Language Tags4. Instruction Separator5. Program Notes6. Handling of whitespace characters in a program7. Variables8. Types of variables9. Conversion of data types to each other10.

Designing a Code statistics tool using Python

This article mainly describes the use of Python to design a code statistics tool, including the number of files, lines of code, number of comments, lines of blank lines. Interested friends follow the script of the small to see it

PHP Basic Grammar Learning for introductory tutorials

Two days ago and friends get-together, my friend put forward my blog since the main target is PHP beginners, should be appropriate to add suitable for PHP beginners article, and also saw many people on the Internet to ask how to learn PHP problem,

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