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PHP extension-oauth

I. Overview and Installation This extension provides a binding between the OAuth consumer and the provider. OAuth is an authorization protocol built on HTTP that allows applications to securely access data without having to store user names and

The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on Sina Weibo, oauth _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on Sina Weibo is detailed, and oauth is detailed. The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on sina Weibo is described in detail. oauth is described in many articles about OAuth on the

Introduction to oauth Protocol

Http:// Abstract: The oauth Protocol provides a safe, open and simple standard for user resource authorization. Unlike the previous authorization method, oauth does not allow a third party to access

QQ Login PHP OAuth Sample Code _php instance

Written according to official documents Copy Code code as follows: /** * Apply for Http:// * List */ Session_Start (); $QQ _oauth_config = Array ( ' Oauth_consumer_key '

PHP version QQ interconnection OAuth sample code sharing, oauth sample code _ PHP Tutorial

PHP version QQ internet OAuth sample code sharing, oauth sample code. The PHP version of QQ internet OAuth sample code is shared. the oauth sample code is widely used by QQ users in China, so all major websites are providing QQ login ports as much

Oauth Authentication server written in PHP-PHP source code

0 --> $velocityCount--> --> Applicable to Kohana3.x 1. [File] 2. [File]Oauth. php Class Controller_OAuth extends Controller {public function action_index () {$ result = array ('status' => '2013'); $ this-> sendQuery ($ result );

8. Laravel5 study notes: Using OAuth authorization in Laravel5

OAuth2.0 IntroductionAbout its introduction, give the following two articles, believe that after reading, it should have a certain degree of understanding:[1] Understanding OAuth 2.0--Ruan Yi Feng[2] help you understand the OAuth2.0 protocol in

Details on the OAuth authentication and Storage Processes on Sina Weibo and oauth

Details on the OAuth authentication and Storage Processes on Sina Weibo and oauth There are a lot of articles on OAuth on the Internet, but sina itself is not described in detail, including the verification process and storage of verified data,

In Sina micro-disk SDK, what does oau2$ oAuth mean?

Publicfunction _ construct (oau2$ oAuth, $ root & #039; sandbox & #039;) There is an oau2's class public function _ construct (oau2$ $ oAuth, $ root = 'sandbox ') There is a class named oau22. Reply content: Public function _ construct (oau2$

What does OAuth2 $oAuth mean in the Sina micro-disk SDK?

Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ') There's a OAuth2 class in front. Reply content: Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ')There's a OAuth2 class in front. OAuth2 $oAuth means that the

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