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In-depth understanding of ob function buffer mechanism and phpob mechanism in php _ PHP Tutorial

In-depth understanding of ob function buffer mechanism and phpob mechanism in php. The ob function buffer mechanism in php is deeply understood, and the phpob mechanism is deeply understood. the following section describes the ob function buffer

Use PHP to control the user's browser -- instructions for using the ob * function _ PHP Tutorial

Use PHP to control the use of the user's browser-ob * function. Using PHP to control the user's browser -- ob * function using OutputControl function allows you to freely control the data output in the script. It is very useful, especially for: when

Summary of common functions in PHP OB series functions

Functions commonly used in OB series functions Ob_start (); Open an output buffer, and all output information is not sent directly to the browser, but is stored in the output buffer. Ob_clean (); Deletes the contents of the internal buffer without

Class for generating simple static pages using the OB function and file_put_contents in PHP

key= $key; $this->html (); return Ob_end_clean ();} Public function Get ($key) {$filename = $this->getfilename ($key); if (! $filename | |!file_exists ($filename)) {return false;} Include ($filename); return true;} Public function html () {

Static page, static page _ PHP Tutorial

Static pages and static pages. Static page, static page optimization technology for large websites: 1. SEO, optimization, 2. static page 3. memcache (memory cache) 4. overall goal of server cluster technology: improve static page, static

PHP cache mechanism output control, outputcontrol_php tutorial

PHP cache mechanism Output control detailed, OutputControl In the php5.2 version of the configuration, the default output_buffering is off, so running the following three lines of code will cause a warning:Warning:cannot Modify header

Use a head start with PHP Ob_start; control your browser cache!

The output control function gives you the freedom to control the outputs of the data in your script. It is very useful, especially when you want to output a file header after the data has been output. The output control function does not affect the

PHP Basic Tutorial PHP page buffer processing mechanism

PHP has a lot of mechanisms, functions, in fact, is the magician, repeated play good, in fact, even simple application, will appear magical effect. Brother Even PHP trainingHere is a ob_start () function.The Ob_start () function is used to open the

PHP implementation of HTML page static method, phphtml page static _php tutorial

PHP implementation of HTML page static method, phphtml page static As the content of the site increases and user visits increase, it is inevitable that the site will load more and more slowly, limited by the bandwidth and the number of requests

PHP static page _php tutorial for generating HTML static pages using PHP

HTML static page generated using PHP implementation, PHP static page Generates HTML static pages from PHP and stores them in a directory created with the name of the year and month. Read all data batch generation, all generated after the popup

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