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Configuration of Linux LDAP authentication server and client pam network verification instance

Configuration of LDAP authentication server in Linux and client pam network verification instance 1] LDAP introduction LDAP (LightweightDirectoryAccessProtocol) represents Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is a kind of non-relational

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux-- need to authenticate a lot of services, employees need to remember a lot of passwords, even if the same password settings for these services,

Common linux Services-SSH and ssh public key authentication

Common linux Services-SSH and ssh public key authentication 1. ssh (secureshell) is installed by default. the package name is openssh, [root @ localhostlogs] yuminstallopenssh & hellip; & common linux Services-SSH and ssh public key authentication 1.

VSFTPD Virtual user authentication based on MySQL

Virtual User:where is the user account stored? files, MySQL,Redis, ...VSFTPD 's authentication function is hosted to Pam:Pluggable authencate Module, certification framework, certification Library;complete the authentication function through the

Enable SASL authentication for MemCached

Enable SASL authentication for MemCached MemCached starts from version 1.4.3 and supports SASL authentication. It is suitable for multiple applications to share a MemCached cluster. The-enable-sasl option must be added during compilation. Add the-S

Java open-source authentication

 { Function onclick () { Dictfold ('pwdecmec1 '); } } "> Josso (Java Open Single Sign-On) is an open source J2EE-based SSO (SSO: Single login technology is a authentication and authorization mechanism, it allows registered users to log on only once

About the Identity Authentication System josso Single Sign-On 1.2

Josso Single Sign-On 1.2 Background: Identity Authentication System includes directory service, authentication and authorization service, Certificate Service, single sign-on service, system management, and other modules. Josso is a Java-only

Linux Modify password report PAM authentication failed error resolution

Recently received an operation and development task, need to develop an account management system, on the 3,000 + Linux server root account for the batch system management, to achieve the regular modification of root as a random password and

Install lamp + extmail + extman in source code

Lamp + Postfix + Dovecot + courier-authlib Install Lamp Environment Yum-y install OpenSSL-devel ncurses-devel libtermcap-devel libxml2-devel Install Apache Tar Z/httpd-2.2.26.tar.gz-C/usr/src/ CD/usr/src/httpd-2.2.26/ . /Configure -- prefix

Linux system security and optimized configuration

Linux system security and optimization configuration 1. openssh security configuration this section focuses on SSH-related security configuration 1. 1. prohibit the root user from logging on only to normal users, and then switch to the root user

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