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PHP handles ping commands to get the IP of the batch domain name

PHP handles ping commands to get the IP of the batch domain name PHP to handle also OK, other I will not, then use it, call the system command is to use exec, first look at the introduction: ReferenceEXEC--Execute an external

Ping multiple ip addresses at the same time to find the fastest php instance of the ip network-PHP source code

In this article, we will share a php program that can ping multiple ip addresses at the same time and then compare and find the fastest ip address in the network. This program is used to find the proxy ip address, but it is an artifact. In this

How PHP Gets the ping time

This article mainly introduces the PHP to get ping time implementation of the relevant information, hope that through this article can help everyone, so that we can achieve such a function, the need for friends to refer to the next PHP can use the

PHP Ping ip with ping command

Actually, it's simple.   The results are as follows: Array (    [0] =>     [1] =>  is  ping  data with  32  bytes:    [2] =>  from  The reply:  bytes =32  time   from  The reply:  bytes =32  time   from 

Php-implemented ping port function instance, phpping Port instance _ PHP Tutorial

The ping port function instance implemented by php and the phpping Port instance. Php-implemented ping port function instance. phpping Port instance this article describes the ping port function implemented by php. Share it with you for your

Example code for the ping port function implemented by PHP

Ping is a command under Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems. Ping also belongs to a communication protocol and is part of the TCP/IP protocol. The ping command allows you to check if the network is connected and helps us to analyze and determine

IP and port test for ping in PHP

Because the friend said the port is not connected, deliberately tried the ping test with PHP, the result is quite satisfactory. The code and the run diagram are as follows: (if there is a great God to improve the better) $host = '

PHP implementation of the Ping port function instance, phpping Port Example _php Tutorial

Example of a ping port function implemented by PHP, phpping Port instance This article describes the ping port function implemented by PHP. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific implementation code is as follows: Copy CodeThe code is

How can I write efficient ping detection using PHP?

There are hundreds of IP addresses, that is, they want to discover that an IP address is disconnected in time. Then return the message. Xiao Cai, I just read some code on the Internet. I can use ping, socket, and curl to write the code. But do I

Baidu ping method example: automatically ping Baidu _ PHP Tutorial

The Baidu ping method uses the example to automatically ping Baidu. When using this method to access Baidu, I can use this method to generate a cache. when updating the cache, I can automatically ping Baidu. if the returned result is 0, the request

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