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Use AngularJS and PHP Laravel to implement single-page comments. angularjslaravel

Use AngularJS and PHP Laravel to implement single-page comments. angularjslaravel Full: At present, Laravel and Angular have become very famous tools in the world of Web development. Laravel

Ways to implement single-page comments using Angularjs and PHP laravel

This article mainly describes the use of Angularjs and PHP laravel implementation of single-page comments, the example of this article is the front-end JavaScript and back-end PHP joint programming model, the need for friends can refer to the

PHP function comments

Author of PHP function comments : Axglephp function usage instructions, application examples, simplified comments , I hope it will help you learn PHP. 1. Print_r () Print the easy-to-understand information about variables. If it is an array, the

Remove blank and comments from PHP code

PHP has a built-in php_strip_whitespace Method for reading PHP files and removing spaces and comments in the Code. However, PHP does not support direct reading of blank and comments. The following method supports reading string content, the ThinkPHP

Remove blank and comments from PHP code

Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to exchange and learn about the built-in PHP code Php_strip_whitespaceThis method is used to read the PHP file and remove the blank and comments in the

Total number of files and lines of code in PHP statistics directory (remove comments and Blank lines) _php tutorial

/** * @author Xiaoxiao 2011-1-12 * @link * @license * Number of file lines and total files in the statistics directory • • Remove annotations */ $obj = new Caculatefiles (); If set to False, this does not

Linux shell scripts Remove comments from several common types of files

The ability to remove comments from various files in a Linux operating system is often used to view a longer file without looking at annotations. Typically these files include *.c written in C, *.h files, CPP files, *.xml files, *.sh shell script

Remove PHP comments and whitespace functions

/** * Remove whitespace and comments from the code * @param string $content code content * @return String */ function Strip_whitespace ($content) { $STRIPSTR = "; Analysis of PHP source code $tokens =

[2014] [Xinxing] [php] [autumn] [4] Strings, comments, and simple variable operations

[2014] [Xinxing] [php] [autumn] [4] string and comment and simple variable calculation ************* string introduction * ******************* 1. the four basic data types we introduced in the previous section are not described as strings, so

Comments and whitespace

In this video, I'll show you the varous ways of adding comments to PHP scripts. Below are several comments: HTML: ; CSS :/**/; JS ://,/**/; PHP :#,//,/**/; I'll also explain PHP's attitude to whitespace. the most obvious reason for adding

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