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Install DNS server under Solaris

I. DNS basics [DNS System (server) Working Principle and attack protection methodology] DNS: Domain Name System, the Domain Name resolution server. Its role on the Internet is to convert the Domain Name into an IP address that can be recognized by

Lamp system performance optimization, Part 1: optimizing Apache and PHP

What makes Apache faster and How to Make PHP the most effective? Document options

Web penetration Security Testing

When conducting a security penetration test, we first need to collect as much information as possible for the target application. Therefore, information collection is an essential step for penetration testing. This task can be completed in different

Kali basic knowledge of Linux infiltration (a): Information collection

Write in front of the nonsense: recently to give some new training, sorting things, not what too high-end content, just a simple collation, I think for small white words also is dry. In the dark cloud water for a few years, not what big God level,

PHP Preparation and Foundation

PHP Build and Basics The 1.php development environment is built: 1. Build under Linux linux+apache+mysql+php 2. Setting up under Window Apache+php+mysql+phpmyadmin View Port: Cmd-->netstat-an Installation method: 1. Kit Installation: Common kit:

Optimize Apache and PHP

Apache is a highly configurable software. It has many features, but each one is expensive. To some extent, optimizing Apache involves allocating resources in an appropriate way and simplifying the configuration to include only necessary content.

The CentOS system squid reverse Proxy

After the CentOS networking, run yum to installDefault is SQUID3Yum Install SquidAfter the installation is complete, the default squid does not start, but the service already exists in the service and we can start or stop it by commandSerivce Squid

Optimizing PHP_PHP tutorial-php Tutorial

Optimize PHP. Apache is a highly configurable software. It has many features, but each one is expensive. To some extent, optimizing Apache is to allocate resources in an appropriate way. Apache is a highly configurable software. It has many features,

10 important PHP network information functions

PHP is so tightly integrated with web pages that it is easy to forget that this language can also be used to execute other functions-data encryption, window application and interface programming are three examples. Since network programming is the

How to solve the Mysql database connection in LAN slow _mysql

Through the intranet even another machine MySQL service, do find speed n slow!  Wait about dozens of seconds to wait until the prompt to enter a password.  But ping MySQL's server is very fast! Think a long time ago had similar experience, telnet

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