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5. Remote code execution via PHP deserialization

Remote code execution via PHP deserialization0x00 PrefaceIn notsosecure, we conduct penetration testing or code reviews on a daily basis, but recently we ran into an interesting PHP code that could lead to a remote code Execution (RCE) vulnerability,

PHP about deserialization Object Injection vulnerability

PHP Object injection is a very common vulnerability, although this type of vulnerability is somewhat difficult to exploit, but still very dangerous. This article is mainly to share with you PHP on the anti-serialization of the object injection

PHP serialization/object Injection Vulnerability

PHP serialization/object Injection Vulnerability This article is a short story about PHP serialization/object injection vulnerability analysis. It describes how to obtain the remote shell of a host. If you want to test this vulnerability on your own,

PHP Anti-Serialization vulnerability

Let's talk. PHP deserialization Vulnerability November 4, 2016 a deserialization vulnerability is common in various languages, and here's a quick chat about PHP's deserialization Vulnerability (PHP object injection). The first time you know the hole

PHP Serialization Vulnerability Understanding

0x01 What is serializationserialization is the transformation of our object into a string, saving the value of the object for easy delivery and use. 0x02 Why to serializeif you want to invoke a variable of the previous script in a script, but the

ref:php Anti-Serialization Vulnerability Genesis and vulnerability mining techniques and cases

ref: Anti-Serialization Vulnerability Genesis and vulnerability mining techniques and casesI. Serialization and deserializationThe purpose of serialization and deserialization is to make it easier to transfer

Parsing PHP Object Injection Vulnerability _php Tutorial

Parsing a PHP object injection vulnerability ?? 0. Preface When you visit the cloud Knowledge Base, you see an interesting translation: is an injection, called an object injection. Objects can also be injected? Yes, as long as there is

VBulletin rce 0day Analysis

VBulletin rce 0day Analysis VBulletin is a leading foreign Forum program, which is generally called VBB in China. It is developed based on PHP + mySQL. vBulletin is a commercial software and is paid.VBulletin allows remote upload of files through

Cookie information security for user login-tutorial on cookie information security _ PHP

Cookie information security: cookie information security. Cookie information security for user login: cookie information security everyone knows that after a user logs on, the user information is generally stored in the cookie, because the cookie is

Cookie information security for user login-PHP source code

Cookie information security for user login Cookie information security for user login I. cookie information encryption method the cookie information encryption method uses an encryption method to encrypt user information and then stores it in the

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