php strcmp vulnerability

Want to know php strcmp vulnerability? we have a huge selection of php strcmp vulnerability information on

PHP functions some vulnerability collection sharing

This article is mainly to share with you some of the PHP functions of the vulnerability collection sharing, hope to help everyone. 1. Weak type comparison 2.MD5 Compare Vulnerability When PHP handles a hash string, if it uses "! =" or "= =" to

Analysis of PHP Function Vulnerability principle

PHP is the world's best language, yes, PHP in the world to feed two categories of people, one is to write PHP code, a class of people engaged in security xxx, because there are loopholes in PHP function.Under certain conditions, these functions are

Artifice in the infiltration of PHP websites: Checking for vulnerabilities at equal time

PHP is one of the most commonly used back-end languages in Web sites, and is a type of system dynamic, weakly typed object-oriented programming language. can be embedded in HTML text, is one of the most popular web back-end languages, and can and

PHP Trick (Code audit focus)

With the popularity of code security, more and more developers know how to defend against Sqli, XSS and other language-independent vulnerabilities, but the development of the language itself is related to some of the vulnerabilities and flaws are

Summary of functions in PHP that are vulnerable

This article is about PHP in the existence of these small loopholes in PHP functions, did not know PHP in the vulnerability function can see, in the actual PHP development to use these functions need to pay attention to what things, we talk less,

PHP Weak type detailed

Recently do a CTF topic will often encounter php weak type of topic, this article mainly and everyone to share the PHP weak type summary, hope to help everyone. Knowledge Introduction: There are two kinds of comparisons in php = = = and = = = = = =

12 features of the PHP language

The naming convention is contradictory, version compatibility conflicts with each other,PHPlanguage at all levels gives developers a bizarre and difficult puzzle-that's what we're going to talk about today. We're really right.PHPhated??No, of course

Enable disable_functions in php. ini to improve security

Q. I run a small Apache based webserver for my personal use and it is shared with friends and family. however, most script kiddie try to exploit php application such as wordpress using exec (), passthru (), shell_exec (), system () etc functions.

Secure instance sharing for PHP

An interesting request has been opened for PHP to make Bin2Hex () a certain amount of time. This leads to some interesting discussions about mailing lists (even let me reply to:-X). PHP reports on remote timing attacks are very good, but they talk

Attackers can use the environment variable LD_PRELOAD to bypass phpdisable_function to execute system commands.

Attackers can use the environment variable LD_PRELOAD to bypass phpdisable_function and execute the system command 0x00. If you encounter a server with better security configurations during penetration testing, when you obtain a php webshell in

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