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Using PHP to develop Android application technology Introduction _android

Google's Open-source Android mobile operating system is sweeping the global smartphone market, unlike Apple, which has strict guidelines and requirements for developers who want to submit apps to the iphone App Store, and Google's Android platform

Using JSONP for cross-domain communication, part 1th: Quickly build powerful mashups with JSONP and JQuery introductionAsynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) are key technologies that drive a new generation of Web sites (popular terminology for Web 2.0 sites). Ajax allows data retrieval in the

Compiling Android applications with PHP

Google's open-source Android mobile operating system is sweeping the global smartphone market. Unlike Apple, it has strict guidelines and requirements for developers who want to submit applications to the iPhone appstore, google's Android platform

How to use XML data source objects in Web design

The xml data source object is an ActiveX control that allows you to operate data between an XML file and an HTML page. This article will show you how to extract data from various XML data sources and how to use javaScript to display the data. The

PHP page Intercept Ticker code

PHP page intercepts news code function Get_news ($url, $count) { $handle = fopen ($url, "R"); $c = 0; while ($line = fgets ($handle, 1024x768)) && ($c { $ptr 2= "/(. *) /"; $ptr = "/(. *) /"; Preg_match_all ($ptr, $line, $str,

Detailed Introduction to PHP template engine smarty_php Tutorial

PHP template engine, Smarty,Unlike other template engines, such as Fasttemplate or pattemplate, the main reason is that Smarty will convert the template into a PHP script and eliminate the additional code that will appear in the parsing process for

Use JSONP to solve cross-Origin data access problems

Introduction One obvious feature of many websites that meet the Web characteristics is Ajax. Ajax provides the ability to submit requests to access data in the background. The implementation mainly uses the XMLHttpRequest function, which allows the

Symfony2 Framework Learning Notes HTTP cache usage details, symfony2 study notes _php Tutorial

Symfony2 Framework Learning Notes HTTP cache usage details, SYMFONY2 study notes This example describes the Symfony2 framework HTTP cache usage. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: The nature of rich Web applications means their

Explanation of HTTPCache usage in Symfony2 framework learning notes _ php instance

This article mainly introduces the use of HTTPCache in the Symfony2 framework, and analyzes the use skills related to the HTTP Cache of the Symfony framework in combination with the instance form. If you need it, refer to the example in this article

Mastering Facebook application development, using PHP, RAD, was, and DB2, part 3rd

Complete the development of the Facebook stock broker Demo Application Introduction: This is the last tutorial in the three-part series of a fully functional Facebook application that uses the PHP and Java™ languages to add a Facebook interface to

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