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Apache URL Rewrite rules

1. IntroductionApached's rewrite function, which is the Mod_rewrite module function, is a module of Apache. It's very powerful and can manipulate all parts of the URL.So we can rewrite the URL and give the user a generous URL that can be converted

Apache rewrite implements URL jump and domain jump

1, Rewirte main function is to implement the URL of the jump, its regular expression is based on the Perl language. Can be based on both server-level (httpd.conf) and directory-level (. htaccess) methods. If you want to use the rewrite module, you

Apache Rewrite implements URL 301 redirection and Domain Name Redirection

To use the rewrite module, you must first install or load the rewrite module. There are two ways to install the rewrite module directly when compiling apache. The other is to install apache in DSO mode when compiling apache, and then use the source

Apache-rewrite+13 a classic case

Common applications for Apache rewrite rules (rewrite)One: PurposeThis article is intended to provide an approach to how to use Apache rewrite rules to resolve some common URL rewriting methods, through commonExamples give users some basic methods

Nginx rewrite rules How to configure?

In the process of URL optimization, it is unavoidable to involve nginx rewrite rules. So how is the Nginx rewrite configured?Rewrite can be found in 4 places: ngx_http_srv_conf,ngx_http_sif_conf,ngx_http_loc_conf,ngx_http_lif_conf. correspond to

Apache Rewrite Chinese explanation

These days have been studying Apache rewrite rules, although there are many tutorials on the web, but found that most of them are copied a person, not all, so I want to write a simple easy to understand the tutorial, I study. htaccess is from the

Apache Rewrite rules detailed

Source"Rewriteengine on" means that the rewrite engine is on, off, and the function is to conveniently turn the following statements on or off, so that no one comment statement is required."Rewritecond%{http_host}

Nginx Rewrite rules

Location =/{# exact match/, the host name cannot be followed by any strings [configuration A]}location/{# Because all the addresses are/start, so this rule will match to all requests # but the regular and longest strings will first match

Nginx Configuration Location Summary and rewrite rule notation

Article reprinted from: "Nginx configuration location Summary and rewrite rule writing" 1. Location regular notation An example: Location =/{# exact match/, no string after hostname [configuration A]}location/{# Because all addresses start with/,

Detailed description of Apache Rewrite Rules

Before the start:I want to say that this article is actually a document I learned when I first came into contact with rewrite. It should be reprinted, but I do not want to specify the original address here, the reason is that most of the

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