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Php loop control statement (for, foreach while do while)

ForeachPhp Tutorial 4 (not php 3) includes the foreach structure, which is similar to perl and other languages. This is just a simple way to traverse arrays. Foreach can only be used for arrays. An error occurs when you try to use it for another

PHP Tutorials Download

a more comprehensive set of PHP tutorials , basic video and some small combat projects, below is the video directoryCD-ROM (i) \php employment Class (I.)CD-ROM (i) \php Technical exchange zone. URLCD-ROM (i) \ "Wisdom Special issue" belongs to it

A detailed example of the "Do...while" loop statement of the PHP loop control statement

In front of you to explain the PHP loop statement in the while statement loop, in fact, while the statement has another form of expression, which is what we are going to explain to you today, "Do...while" loop statement。 Do...while The concept of

Example of a "while" loop statement in a PHP loop control statement

In our program development, it may be necessary to repeat the use of a piece of code or a function, such as the need to enter "1*2*3*4...*100", if the human input, it will waste a lot of time, but also very cumbersome, but in this case, there is a

Php process control statement _ PHP Tutorial

Php process control statement. Php process control statements conditional control statements and cyclic control statements are two basic syntax structures. They are all used to control the program execution process and constitute the main syntax

PHP loop statement details while, for, foreach, dowhile_PHP tutorial

PHP loop statement details: while, for, foreach, dowhile. PHP loop statement explanation while, for, foreach, dowhile 1, while loop while (expression) {loop body; repeated execution until the expression is false} code: $ index1; while ($ index5)

PHP Loop Statement Depth Understanding Analysis--while, for, foreach, do While

Loop structureone, while Loopwhile (expression){The loop body;//executes repeatedly until the expression is false}Code:$index = 1;while ($index {Print "number is {$index}";$index + +;}print "Done";Operation Result:Number is 1Number is 2Number is

The usage of the PHP loop statement for while doing while

Usage of the PHP tutorial loop statement for while doing whileLoop structureOne, while loopwhile (expression){loop body;//Repeat until the expression is false} $num = 1; while ($num Print "number is $num ";$num + +;} print ' Done. '?>

PHP control statement application _ PHP Tutorial

PHP control statement application. Application of PHP control statements 1. IF statements are an important feature of most languages. they execute program segments based on conditions. PHP's IF statement is similar to C: if (expr) statement, just as

PHP control statement _ PHP Tutorial

PHP control statement. PHP control statement 1. IF statements are an important feature of most languages. they execute program segments based on conditions. PHP's IF statement is similar to C: if (expr) statement, just as PHP's control statement in

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