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PHP Chinese word breaker

Label:The most common word dichotomy: $str= ‘这是我的网站!‘;  //$str = iconv(‘GB2312‘,‘UTF-8‘,$str);  $result= spStr($str);  print_r($result);    /**  * UTF-8版 中文二元分词

Two methods of creating QR code with logo image in PHP

Tags: height generation qr code log ALS Image poi easy from pngThis article mainly and everyone to share the PHP generation with logo image QR Code two methods, mainly in the form of text and code and share with you, hope to help everyone.First,

Two methods for generating two-dimensional code using PHP (with logo image)

Tags: http io using AR for strong file SP dataTwo ways to generate QR code using PHP (with logo image) submission: Junjie font: [Increase decrease] type: Reproduced with the progress of science and technology, QR Code application field more and more

PHP implementation of Chinese to digital, the way is very smart php,_php tutorial

PHP to achieve the Chinese-to-digital, the implementation of the way is very smart PHP, Share an auxiliary function, using PHP to identify as many numbers as possible in the string, and achieve the following effect. 123456789 echo

PHP Routing Code

Tags: des io ar sp for on Div BS CTI<?php/** * 路由 * @author 角度 QQ:1286522207 * */class Dispatcher extends Action {    private $url;    private $config;    function

A concise summary of the 6 ways PHP sends a GET, POST request

Label:Method 1: Use file_get_contents to get the content in the Get mode:? 12345 <?php$url=‘‘;$html= file_get_contents($url);echo$html;?> Method 2: Open the URL with fopen and get the content

PHP to achieve the Chinese number of words, the implementation of the way is very smart PHP

PHP to achieve the Chinese-to-digital, the way is very smart PHP Share an auxiliary function, using PHP to identify as many numbers as possible in the string, and achieve the following effect. 123456789 echo checkNatInt('九百六十万');

PHP Source code Encryption

Label:<?php       function RandAbc($length=""){//返回随机字符串       $str="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";    return

Simple use cases for PHP libevent extensions

Tags: signal space Lin while assignment NIS Libev EOL OOPThe PHP libevent extension has a very powerful feature. The following excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia:Libevent is a C language, lightweight open-source high-performance network library, mainly

PHP Implementation Generation Verification code instance sharing

Label:image.func.php? 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465 66676869 <?php require_once(‘string.func.php‘);  function verifyImage(

PHP in English string intercept, string length

Label:In the development of PHP, because of our country's language environment problems, so we often need to deal with the Chinese. In PHP, we all know that there are special MB_SUBSTR and Mb_strlen functions that can intercept and calculate the

5 Common examples of PHP curl

Label:Reprint: curl常用的5个例子我用php ,curl主要是抓取数据,当然我们可以用其他的方法来抓取,比如fsockopen,file_get_contents等。但是只能抓那些能直接访问的页面,如果要抓取有页面访问控制的页面,或者是登录以后的页面就比较困难了。1,抓取无访问控制文件    <?php 

Php+mysql Member System Development Example Tutorial

Tags: ber process ring SYN cannot simply log in to the HTM membership systemThis article mainly introduces the Php+mysql Member System Development example tutorial, through a complete membership system development, further deepen the understanding

Whose head is the best? Header information about PHP

Label:Header information is important, 2 people, one called server (service side), one called browser (client), that is, there are 2 header information, request header information and return header information.Then if the header information is

PHP's Closure (Closure) is also an anonymous function. was introduced by PHP5.3.

Label:PHP's Closure (Closure) is also an anonymous function. was introduced by PHP5.3.The syntax of a closure is simple, and the key word to be aware of is that only use,use means connecting closures and external variables. 123 $

PHP Get mobile phone browser information to get mobile phone number

Tags: blog Class code tar get HTTP? <?php /** *   类名:   mobile *   描述:   手机信息类 *   其他:   偶然   编写 */classmobile{ /** *   函数名称:  

PHP filter Sensitive words

Label:<?php/** * 敏感词过滤工具类 * 使用方法 * echo FilterTools::filterContent("你妈的我操一色狼杂种二山食物","*",DIR."config/word.txt",$GLOBALS["p_memcache"]["bad_words"]); */class FilterTools {    public static $keyword = array();&

PHP Analog POST request

Label:class Request{     public static function post($url, $post_data = ‘‘, $timeout = 5){//curl          $ch = curl_init();

PHP Implements JSONP Data interface

Tags: des using data CTI IO line 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465 666768697071727374757677787980818283

Common regular Expressions for PHP forms (URLs, HTTP, cell phones, mailboxes, etc.)

Label:<?php/*** @description: 正则表达式匹配*/class Regex {/*** @手机号*/public static function Phone($subject) {$pattern=‘/^(0|86|17951)?(13[0-9]|15[012356789]|1[78][0-9]|14[57])[0-9]{8}$/‘;return Regex::PublicMethod($pattern, $subject);}/*** @数字*/public

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