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Yii2 use PHPExcel to read excel

: This article describes how to use PHPExcel to read excel from Yii2. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. My personal experience in using PHPExcel is saved for later reading: It can be easily used in combination with the Yii Framework of

Yii2 using Phpexcel to read Excel

Personal use of the process to save some experience using Phpexcel, in order to later flip through: Combined with the PHP yii framework, it's easy to use. And do not have to say on the Internet to modify Yii automatic loading files and other methods.

PHP Operation Excel–phpexcel Basic usage

The use of PHP for writing and reading Excel, mainly through the Phpexcel plug-in to complete. Ready to work: 1. Download the Phpexcel sdk,: 2.SDK after decompression will be inside the classes file (including

phpexcel-Set table font color background style, data format, alignment, add picture, annotation, text block, merge split cell, cell password protection ____php

First, download the latest Phpexcel class on the Phpexcel Web site, unzip a classes folder next week, Contains the phpexcel.php and Phpexcel folders, this class of files and folders is what we need to extract the classes into a directory of your

Phpexcel Exporting data

Baidu PhpexcelAfter enteringSelect Branches to enter Select version copy classes file renamed to PhpexcelHere's a simple export I wrote with thinkphp3.2.3Public Function Phpexcel () {$path =str_replace (' \ \ ', '/', __file__);//$arr =explode ('/', $

Use PHPExcel to export the column chart in the YII2 framework.

Use PHPExcel to export the column chart in the YII2 framework. Export result:     First, download the PHPExcel plug-in package from the official website. The downloaded folder is as follows: Put the Classes folder into the public method of the

PHPExcel chart generation

PHPExcel generating chart PHPExcel download Example: Line chart generation example: GetActiveSheet (); $ data = array ("", "Class 1", "class 2", "Class 3"), array ("fail", 20, 30, 40), array ("good", 30, 50, 70), array ("excellent", 30)

How long does phpexcel export data?

It takes 20 seconds to export 7000 pieces of data in phpexcel. I got it wrong. Function exportExcel ($ data_array, $ array, $ filename) {$ letters_arr = array ('1' => 'A', '2' => 'B ', '3' => 'C', '4' => 'D', '5' => 'e', '6' => 'F ', '7' => 'G', '8

Problems related to time-consuming excel when phpexcel generates large data volumes

Phpexcel generates a large amount of data. the time used in excel is recently used to create a report template, process user data, and export the excel file for the customer to view. Now I have encountered some problems: 1. A 10000-row and 6-column

Phpexcel generating large data volumes for Excel time-consuming issues

Phpexcel Generating Big Data volume Excel time-consuming problems Recently in using Phpexcel to do a report template, the user data to do some processing, and then export Excel for customers to view. Now we have some problems: 1. Time-consuming

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