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Ali Wangwang Shortcut Phrase usage tutorial

Experienced salesman, we will find customers want to consult some of the answers to the content is repeated, so we can select the shortcut phrase for editing. To make a quick phrase, the key to using this function is to design a good shortcut phrase

Ali Wangwang How not to type can also be made business

First, the basic commonly used shortcut phrase set thinking; Second, the specific steps to set the shortcut phrase, how to modify, move location; How to apply, import and export shortcut phrases Below to give you a few examples to introduce,

Search engine index data structure and algorithm

Recently has been studying the working mechanism of Sphinx, in [Search engine]sphinx Introduction and the principle of exploration simply introduced its working principle, there are many problems not understand, such as the underlying data structure

Seven efficient text editing habits (with Vim as an example)

Seven efficient text editing habitsIf you spend a lot of time typing in plain text, writing programs, or HTML, you can save most of your time by using a good editor effectively. This article will provide guidance and tips for you to do these things

C # Jump Statement (break, continue, Goto, return, throw)

This afternoon I encountered a problem where I used the branch clause in the following sentence. I want to jump out of the Branch and the cycle in the branch. I didn't want to use the Skip phrase for a moment. So I found some information on the

English part of speech series-B02-verb

Poetry Requirements: recite this poem, translate modern text, and translate modern text in simple English. Intuitive verb experience Verb Verb Verb Verb Verb Lingshou Buy Beat strike Look Dance with

How to design a programming language (v) object-oriented and message-sending

Object-oriented Abstract special cases always have endless topics, even worse, many languages have mistakenly implemented object-oriented--class can be a variable type of what it is just let people write code is worse. Of course the third article on

Introduction to Information Retrieval Study Notes-Chapter 2: Word Dictionary and inverted record table

2.1.1 document analysis and encoding conversion: The first step in document processing is to convert a series of binary byte sequences on files or Web servers into character sequences. In practice, you must first determine the document encoding

Seven Habits of efficient text editing

Bram moolenaar If you need to spend a lot of time typing text, writing programs or writing HTML scripts, You can effectively use a good editor to save time for you. this article will guide you to quickly complete your editing and reduce your errors.

Teach you to convert vim into an IDE programming environment (GRAPHIC) Wu Yin _ Related skills

By: Wu The article is copyrighted by Wu Yin and his lovely wife, Little bun. may be transmitted and reproduced at will without any commercial

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