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Cropper introduction of front-end cutting picture plugin

To introduce a very practical front end of the jquery-dependent image cutting plugin cropper.Because the front-end can not do the cutting of the picture, so the actual need to use cropper and backstage GraphicsMagick Mutual cooperation.First put on the Cropper URL https://fengyuanchen.github.io/cropperjs/ and GitHub address : Https://github.com/fengyuanchen/

Cropper+pillow processing upload picture clipping (ii)

Django.core.files.base and its subclasses, so it is necessary to generate a new file:contentfile, which is the getvalue of the Bytesio class. () method, you can get a bytesTwo. Ftpstoragedef headpic_to_ftp (path, content): storage = ftpstorage () if Storage.exists (path): storage.delete (PATH) storage.save (path, content) else: storage.save (path, content)Here is a simple way to write a method of uploading, path and file name, you can write the logic in view accord

Vue project picture cut upload--vue-cropper use

Recently in the study of Vue, and then did a small back-office management system used to practiced hand, the development process, the thought of cutting pictures to upload the user avatar needs. Internet Baidu, found a lot of use is vue-cropper. I also use, personal feeling is very useful. Now here's a simple demo to show you how to use Vue-cropper.Where the user's Avatar upload interface is written in Java, interested in the words can refer to my Dec

Yii2 solve Baidu editor umeditor picture upload problem ewebeditor editor download metaeditor editor Download Ewebeditor editor

) { $model-file= Uploadedfile::getinstance ($model, #39;file ');$dir=' File save directory '; if(!Is_dir($dir)) mkdir($dir); if($model-Validate ()) { $fileName=$model-file-BaseName. ". ". $model->file->extension;$dir=$dir."/". $fileName;$model-file->saveas ($dir); $info= [ "Originalname" =$model-file-BaseName, "name" and "="$model-file-BaseName, "url" =$dir, "Size" =$model-file->size, "type" = =$model-file->type, "state" and "="SUCCESS

FCKeditor Editor Add picture upload function and picture path problem Solving Method _ Web page Editor

highlight the Configuserfilespath = ". /.. /.. /.. /.. /uploads/"Here if this setting, I finally found two questions A Configuserfilespath = ".. /.. /.. /.. /.. /uploads/"This setting although the picture can be uploaded, but the picture path to insert editor is problematic, so I tried many times finally to change it to Configuserfilespath ="/uploads/"on it.

For PHP Environment FCKeditor editor upload picture Configuration Detail Tutorial _ page Editor

, quickupload mode upload path for userfiles/filename, server tour upload mode upload path for userfiles/images/file name. FCKeditor image upload path is configured as follows Open the config.php file in the editor/filemanager/connectors/php directory and find Copy Code code as follows: $Config [' userfilespath '] = '/userfiles/'; Change to Copy Code code as follows: $Config [' userfilespath '] = '/project

Ueditor Editor Custom upload picture or file path modification Method _ Web page Editor

Using the Ueditor Editor, the attachment defaults to ueditor/php/upload/, my attachment address is/data/upload/under the site root directory, and needs to be modified Ueditor as follows: The first step: Open php/config.php Modify the picture directory Copy Code code as follows: Return Array ( Picture Catalogue ' Imagesavepath ' => Array

Phpcms Call Form Class editor editor function to upload picture attachments dynamically

[' Football ']); 05if($this->db->insert ($_post[' Football '])) ShowMessage (L (' operation_success '), '? M=footballc=admin_fbteama=fblists '); 06}Else{ Pc_base::load_sys_class (' form ', ', 0); 08include $this-GT;ADMIN_TPL (' Fbteam_add '); 09 } 10}Description: Pc_base::load_sys_class (' form ', ' 0 '), load Form class form.class.php, ' empty parameter ' represents the path to the class file, load the class inside the System class library, and the parameter ' 0 ' means that th

Ueditor Editor cannot upload picture problem Resolution _ Web page Editor

Ueditor is the Baidu editor, in the local IIS environment can upload pictures, but placed in the server's IIS environment could not upload pictures, after the search found that IIS setup issues, the main reason for this problem is that most virtual hosts do not give IIS Anonymous account access to the disk's non-user directory, There is no permission to read, since we cannot resolve the IIS issue only from the code set, as follows. Upload the

After the editor is passed, copy the picture, the picture address is more/%22

After the editor uploads, copies the picture, the picture address is more/%22

Laravel Project using Markdown Editor and picture paste upload seven Qiniu

as follows:Image paste UploadFirst analyze the implementation steps: QQ after pasting in the editor, there will certainly be a paste event, that is, the Paste event One-time compression of a picture on the front end in an event callback function Front-end compression is mostly using canvas, the return is Base64, here I use a localresizeimg.js plug-in The generated good base64 to the background, t

Baidu ueditor editor picture upload directory modification Settings tutorial

Method one, by modifying PHP to change the Ueditor editor picture upload directory Ueditor image upload needs to set up their own function to normal. At the same time, as shown in the following picture, the image upload plug-in "online management", "Picture search" and other meaningless functions, you need to eradicate

96 How does the micro-letter editor Modify the picture?

96 Micro-letter editor How to modify the picture?? Many people are using the 96 micro-letter editor this platform. However, in the use of the process, some users asked 96 micro-letter editor How to modify the picture? Together to see the small series for everyone to bring th

Xheditor Editor Upload screenshot image grab remote picture code

Xheditor is a very good open source editor, easy to use and very powerful.Share a Xheditor directly upload problem solving method.First step, set parametersLocalurltest:/^https?:\ /\/[^\/]*? (hsa\.com) \//i,remoteimgsaveurl:' http://www.hsa.com/test_up.asp ',Parameter description:localurltest: means check if it is the address format of the site.Remoteimgsaveurl: If the check out is not a picture of this sit

The Wangeditor editor loses focus and can still insert a picture in its original location

This article is to bring you a very good Rich text editor Wangeditor, his biggest feature is that it can be in the ie6,7,8 on the loss of focus can still be inserted in the original location of the picture, and the amount of code is very small, below we will analyze how he achieved it? Yesterday on the GitHub found a good rich text editor Wangeditor, a look at t

YII2 integrated Baidu editor umeditor and Umeditor picture upload problem Solution _php Example

/umeditor/lang/zh-cn/zh-cn.js '); Then only need to register the following JS code at the bottom of the current page to achieve About article-content How to drop Nan, this is the target object that we want to bind, namely content. Article-content is the ID identifier of the current object. OK, to this Baidu editor basically integration finished, now quickly to add an article to try it, remember to update to see if there is content

Wangeditor editor loses focus and can still insert picture analysis _javascript tips in the original location

A good Rich text editor was found on the GitHub yesterday Wangeditor, and the name is written by the Chinese. The editor is good at supporting ie6+, and the most important point is that it can still be inserted in the original position after losing focus on the ie6,7,8, with little code. So I was curious to see how it was done, cropped it up, and that's the var currentrange,_parentelem,supportrange =

Vue-quill-editor upload content because the picture is Base64 cause the character is too long to solve the problem

Vue-quill-editor is a lighter-weight rich text box, compared to ueditor, developing more editing, more intuitive, if the big guys in the case of requirements allow, or will be more recommended to use Vue-quill-editor The use of vue-quill-editor in this way not much to say, we check online, a catch a lot of However, in the use of vue-quill-

96 Micro-Letter editor Change the picture in the footage tutorial

First, we entered into the 96 micro-letter edit box and then we choose to modify the material and then click Next to the "Modify" button. Second, then in this interface we can use the replacement image address, as shown below (this picture is a remote picture). Third, upload the picture to the micro-trust material management-

iOS crazy detailed automatic layout (AutoLayout) The implementation of the picture editor

and minimum multiples of the retraction, and then in the Agent function (UIView *) Viewforzoominginscrollview: (Uiscrollview *) Returns the view to zoom in the ScrollView. Here the main need to determine the minimum scale size of the ScrollView, to meet when the minimum amount of time when the picture is a shorter dimension (long or wide) and the circular shear frame tangent, which is able to shrink the minimum value, because if the

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