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Android 6.0 Fingerprint Identification app development case _android

In Android 6.0, Google finally added fingerprint recognition to the Android system, a feature that has already been implemented on the iphone and has been implemented in-house in a number of custom ROMs by many vendors, a bit late for this feature. In Google's new release of Nexus Devices: Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p are carrying a fingerprint identification chip on th

"Android" Memory card picture reader, gallery app

Previous "Android" read all the pictures on the SDcard card and show that the reading process has a progress bar display (click the Open link) test on the real machine is very problematic, often encountered memory overflow, the situation of the card dead. Because of the memory on the real machine now, 2G has rarely seen, basically all 8G look like. This app is unfriendly because it puts the read-out image o

andorid-How to scale a picture for your Android app

/Dstheight; } } Else { Final floatSrcaspect = (float) Srcwidth/(float) Srcheight; Final floatDstaspect = (float) Dstwidth/(float) Dstheight; if(Srcaspect >dstaspect) { returnSrcheight/Dstheight; } Else { returnSrcwidth/Dstwidth; } }}In DecodeFile (... ) method, we decode a file for the final scaling scale. This is first to decode the source image size and then use the Calculatesamplesize (... ) Calculates the optimal sample size and finally decodes the image using the size of this

"Android App Development technology: User Interface" 9Patch picture design

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/allenwellsGithub:https://github.com/allenwells"Android App Development technology: User Interface" Chapter list The 9Patch image is a special PNG image with a. 9.png suffix, which adds a 1-pixel-wide line around the original image, which determines the scaling rules and content display of the image. D

(Android+ios) is doing a news app, doing almost, listen to everyone's suggestions (picture)

(Android+ios) is doing a news app, doing almost, listen to the advice of everyone!News collector is done, front-end display app interface feeling is not very good, also need to improve the improvement, want to release (Android and iOS version) before listening to everyone's suggestions!News Collector Done, the front-en

Embedded app identity card Identification SDK, recognition speed is less than 1S

identification application, to ensure that a variety of programs can be used, can use public cloud private cloud, but also the use of Android and iOS platform, etc., in the Internet industry common solutions can be solved perfectly. The scheme is as follows:1) based on Windows/linux platform2) based on the Android/ios Platform SDK (Jar package and. A static libr

Frame number Identification SDK that can be integrated into the app

Frame Number ( VIN code) identification technology is based on mobile (Android, IOS) operating system development of fast input technology, through the mobile phone camera can quickly read the number of car VIN code, completely farewell to manual entry, convenient login vin information and post-search.In addition, it is important to note Vin (frame number) is flat, if there is a wrinkle or uneven, it should

What is Android ID identification?

Android ID recognition application backgroundWith the development of intelligent terminals (smartphones and tablets) and mobile communication (4G), people use mobile phones more than computers, can foresee over the next few years more than 60% of the business will gradually transfer to the intelligent Terminal System. Now the application of mobile phone app is hot, such as check to eat the travel of the boo

Android fingerprint identification and implementation method _android

sensor shuts down, and only if we re authorize the authenticate () method to continue using the fingerprint recognition function. 3. When the system recalls the Onauthenticationerror () method to turn off the sensor, the call to authenticate () will be disabled for a period of time, which means that fingerprint recognition cannot be used again during this period. Of course, the specific disabling time is different from the handset manufacturer's system and has a slight difference, some 1 minut

Learn about Android together how to obtain unique identification code notes for Android devices (21)

Because of the need to obtain a stable, reliable device unique identification code in the project, so search some online information . Today we will cover several ways.1. device_idAssuming we do need to use the identity of the real device, we may need to use device_id. In the past, our Android device was a mobile phone, thisDEVICE_ID can be obtained with Telephonymanager.getdeviceid (), which returns Imei,m

An example of fingerprint identification demo development in Android _android

manufacturer's system and has a slight difference, some 1 minutes, some 30 seconds and so on. Moreover, because the handset manufacturer's system difference, some system calls the Onauthenticationerror (), in the disabling time, other app inside fingerprint recognition function also cannot use, even the system fingerprint unlock function also cannot use. And some systems, in the disabling time to call other app's fingerprint unlock function, or the s

"Turn" Android QR code generation and identification (with demo source)--good

(Dialoginterface dialog, int which) {finish (); } }); Dialog.create (). Show (); }Above is the entire QR code decoding process, which involves a lot of camera use, so if you need to use two-dimensional code recognition, you need to note that your program needs to apply for the following permissions, general camera use and camera autofocus and so on.Edited by Mythouhttp://www.cnblogs.com/mythou/5. ConclusionThe above is the generation and id

Android Unique identification code

We will use the unique identification code of the device more or less in the course of the project, we hope to get a stable and reliable device unique identification code. Today we will cover several ways.1. device_id assumes that we do need to use the identity of the real device and may need to use device_id. In the past, our Android device is a mobile phone, th

Android QR code generation and identification (with demo source)

Today talk about the current mobile domain is a very common technology-QR code. Now the streets, the major sites have two-dimensional code traces, whether it is iOS, Android, WP have relevant support software. Before I wanted to know how the QR code works, recently because the work needs to use the relevant technology, so did a preliminary understanding. Today, we mainly explain how to use the Zxing library to generate and identify QR codes. This arti

Driver's license identification Sdk,android,ios Mobile Terminal

At present, a small car, one into the community, parking full of cars, a car has become commonplace. And check the driving license violation record, pay illegal fines, with the development of mobile interconnection, so that these previously need to run the bank, run traffic Police Brigade matters, now through the mobile phone side can be solved. But the mobile phone also has a disturbing place, that is, the manual entry of the driver's license information is very cumbersome, and the operation is

Android-based zxing QR code generation and Identification

Android-based zxing QR code generation and Identification QR code: The data symbol information is recorded using a certain black/white image distributed on a plane (two-dimensional direction) according to a certain rule; In code compilation, the concept of 0-bit and 1-bit streams that constitute the Logic Basis of the computer is cleverly used to represent the text numerical value information using several

Android phone to get the unique identification number of the phone

Write in front, send this post I think, maybe a lot of people can not use, then you become popular science understand, in fact, each game, the software will get your IMEIDon't talk nonsense, start!When developing a mobile app, developers are most concerned about how many users have installed and are using the mobile software they are developing. This requires identifying the uniqueness of the phone. Now I know there are two ways to get the IMEI number

App development combat 117-app picture optimization

30.1APP Size Optimization 30.1.1 Picture Optimization 1 try to use the Android and iOS system to bring the picture, the system does not have the picture, only pre-placed in the app. 2 reduce the number of preset pictures, such as Androidapp can only preset a set of xhdpi

Identification of genuine and pirated Android apps

Identification of genuine and pirated Android apps Android apps are mixed. According to a 360 survey by the 2014 Internet Security Center, "On average, each genuine app corresponds to 26.3 pirated apps and 4.8 pirated signatures ". How to identify piracy? In fact, it is very simple. The application package name and the

Android two-dimensional code generation and identification two-dimensional code-source download _android

Today we are going to talk about the most commonly used technology in mobile field--two-dimensional code. Now the streets, major sites have two-dimensional code traces, whether it is iOS, Android, WP has related support software. Before I wanted to know how the two-dimensional code is working, recently because the work needs to use the relevant technology, so do a preliminary understanding. Today is mainly about how to use the Zxing library to generat

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