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Kindeditor upload multiple graphs and support preview and edit function

Start to upload multiple maps, the use of the method is Input=file, and then name is equal to the array, so it is true to upload multiple graphs, processing multiple graphs of the method also borrowed a lot of PHP upload "original", but this is just

Thinking in the production of focus graphs

Some days ago should write this article, but has been lazy, today or summed up the problems encountered before, on the one hand to recall the situation at that time, see if there will be other gains, on the other hand, it is convenient to review

Using Hungarian algorithm to find the maximum matching of two-fractal graphs

Reproduced the great God!!What is a binary graph, what is the maximum match of the binary graph, these definitions I will not speak, the Internet can be easily found. There are two methods for maximum matching of binary graphs, the first of which is

Tutorials for plotting data graphs using Python's matplotlib under Linux

If you want to get an efficient, automated, high-quality scientific drawing solution in Linxu, you should consider trying out the Matplotlib library. Matplotlib is a python-based open source science mapping package, based on the Python Software

Using Iscroll to implement an infinite loop of focus graphs

Now everyone should have seen the focus of the results of the rotation, the effect of what I do not have screenshots. Practicing yesterday, the practice requirement is to use Iscroll to achieve infinite loop scrolling of the focus graph, and to stop

How to use PS and AI to turn pictures into vector graphs

The tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to convert character images into vector graphs. 1. PS Open a file, the file pixel is relatively high, so that the drawings produced in detail will perform better. The foreground colors are set to any color other

Use grunt to automatically generate sprite graphs for background images in CSS

The system developed by the company is b/s architecture, when users use the browser to access the system, the browser comes with tools to view, the number of requests for pictures, many for small pictures. Today want to improve the status quo,

Examples of working with front-end development to teach you to cut graphs

Let's talk about transduction this thing.A: How to cut the picture?1. Slices:Let's start with a few basic concepts. Slicing: Graphics software or web authoring software, the image is cut into several parts, a piece of Night pass, This uploads faster.

Go to "iOS design" an app that outlines the process from design drafts to cut graphs

This article, which stands in the GUI designer's perspective, outlines the process of the app starting from the project to the slice output, which is equivalent to an introduction to Workflow. Here is not a specification, but a working method,

Solve the problem of gaps in two background graphs during rotation

The horizontal version of the game is useful to multiple pictures appearing as dynamic backgrounds. But in the actual project, I found that the picture may have a gap when scrolling, affecting the game experience. After analysis, this is due to the

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