pictures of lg android phones

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Pictures and la s of different Android sizes (mobile phones)

To handle a wide range of resolutions and sizes. For images, Android uses DPI as the unit. If you select an image, right-click the image under win and you will see the DPI attribute. The higher the DPI, the finer the image. For a mobile phone or display device, a pixel is a point, so DPI = PPI. In turn, it is often said that the height and height of the phone screen PPI are equivalent to the DPI value taken into account when writing a program. The Ret

Use the dlna function of Android mobile phones to wirelessly play videos on mobile phones to computers and TVs.

, please ferry or put your dog. Simply put, you can use it as a service that shares music, videos, and images between different devices. For example, videos on a computer can be played on a mobile phone, pictures on your mobile phone can be viewed on your computer. You do not need to copy any images. Of course WiFi is needed. If you only have a wireless network card and do not have a wireless route, you can use connectify to build a Wireless AP.Note:T

What are the mainstream screen resolutions of Android mobile phones?

= 2048*1152;Wuxga = 1920*1200;Txga = 1920*1400;Qxga = 2048*1536;Wqhd = 2560*1440;Wqxga = 2560*1600;Qsxga = 2560*2048;Qsxgaplus = 2800*2100;Wqsxga = 3200*2048;Quxga = 3200*2400;Optional Hd = 3840*2160;Wquxga = 3840*2400;Hd4k = 4096*2304;Hxga = 4096*3072;Whxga = 5120*3200;Hsxga = 5120*4096;Whsxga = 6400*4096;Huxga = 6400*4800;SHV = 7680*4320;Whuxga = 7680*4800; For Android games to adapt to high-resolution tablets, you can consider a mandatory absolute

Do not buy cheap Android phones

Tech blog TechCrunch published an analysis on Wednesday titled Matt BurnsArticleIn order to occupy the Android Market, many manufacturers have made great efforts to expand their product lines and launch cheap models.These low-cost hardware design shanzhai, short battery life, and many preset useless software, so the use time is short, and users are urged not to buy cheap Android

A tutorial on using glide to load pictures in Android apps _android

, URI, file, resource ID, and so on. Basically meet most of the needs. Although loading local pictures is not as complex as network pictures, I recommend using glide to load local pictures. Because it is memory friendly, but also "secretly" to help us do a lot of things. For example, memory cache, bitmap multiplexing, fixed photo direction, and so on. Of course,

Get selected pictures in Android and get photos return results difference

Lead:Today's Android apps are mostly combined to take pictures and choose from albums (of course, this is the product dog thing, the beginning of the topic). )Today in the writing of a functional module encountered an embarrassing problem, the same is the photo to get the image function, on the colleague's Samsung run no problem, but on my mobile phone on a run on the system-level modification of the

Xamarin develops Android notes: Take pictures or albums to select picture Angle issues

In the development of Android applications, you may encounter similar friends in the circle of photos or albums to choose a picture of the scene, take pictures or select pictures in the display when the picture is not the angle, obviously is the vertical version of the picture, showing the absence of lying.This is because on some specific

Android easy to learn bitmap display pictures and cached images

} } } Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } }; }.start (); }}The configuration is ready to run and see the effect.Let's talk about the small details of the case.Because the picture if every time to load, every time from the Internet to read the data stream, display to the phone above, so it is easy to waste customer traffic, so the first visit can download

For pictures taken by calling the system in android, the returned image is rotated 90 degrees,

For pictures taken by calling the system in android, the returned image is rotated 90 degrees, Reposted blog: A problem encountered during project development: When Samsung's mobile phone was selected for mobile phone photos, the pictures were not displayed normally. After research, it was found that the

Android Multi-Touch interactive processing, zooming in and out of pictures

Multi-Touch (MultiTouch) refers to a technique that allows a computer user to control a graphical interface through multiple fingers at the same time. and multi-touch technology is a single touch, single touch device has been for many years, small size of the touch-type mobile phone, the most common in large size is the bank ATM and queuing query machine and so on.Multi-touch technology in the actual development process, the most used is the amplification function. For example, there are some pi

About Android in call system take pictures, return picture is rotated 90 degrees

Reprinted blog: problem encountered in the development of the project, Samsung mobile phone photos in the selection of images appear abnormal, the study found that should be mobile phone shots of the picture rotated 90 degrees, some pictures rotated 180 degrees, some phones are normal. In the forum found a method, you can get the properties of the pictu

Android calls camera API to take pictures and cause picture distortion

Since basically all Android phones support images with a ratio of 4:3 and 16:9, sometimes the custom Surfaceview size does not meet these two proportions and will deform.Another situation is that the default previewsize and the ratio of our view will also cause deformation; the solution is from params.getsupportedpreviewsizes () Choose the appropriate proportions and then params.setpreviewsize (), at which

Web call Android, iphone camera, local pictures and files

In a previous company to do an app inside the upload avatar function, then studied for a long time, found an article about the H5 Camera and album calls, so it solved the problem!! I record here so that some people need, can refer to!!!!The following is a complete HTML page content, placed on the server and then browse on it, only support chrome and Safari core browser, QQ browser, Chrome,safari browser can be. Different phones and browsers do not sho

Android Development: The sharing effect of driving pictures

phone is to swipe to the left, exit is to the right, in order to avoid some of the phone's default animation, you can start the page and exit the page after the code, add the following code, to avoid the default transition effectoverridePendingTransition(0, 0);The source code of the project I put on GitHub, welcome to view!Have any questions or discuss, please leave a message or contact me Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced

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