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TCP/IP basics for Linux Network Programming (2): Explains ping commands using ARP and ICMP protocols

I. MTU Both Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 have limits on the length of data frames. The maximum values are 1500 and 1492 bytes respectively. These limits are called the maximum transmission unit (MTU, maximum transmission unit)If there is a datagram to be

Reply from XXX. XXX. x. x: bytes = 32 Time

Reply from XXX. XXX. x. x: bytes = 32 time   Ping is a common tool used to determine network connectivity problems. After the ping command is run, common error messages are divided into three types:1. Unknown HOST: Unknown host indicates that the

A Simple Peer-to-peer Network in Python twisted

Let's do a simple Peer-to-peer network in Python. It should be able to discover the other nodes and ping them over the network. We are using twisted for building the network. I mostly used the Bitcoin Developer documentation to teach me how to write

[ASP. NET mvc3] Use Moq to simplify Unit Testing

A few days ago, unity was investigated. Now, I want to investigate Moq. The following is a summary and practice of the materials. If there is a wrong expression or understanding. Please correct me. What is Moq?   Moq (the English pronunciation

"TTL expired in Transit" explains the 1th/3 page _ Routers, switches

In simple terms, the TTL is full time to live, meaning the life cycle. The following are references. Ping is a very common gadget that is used primarily to determine network connectivity issues. After you use the ping command, common error

Windows XP operating system frequently encounters network failure analysis (4)

Five, Wireless LAN problem 1, unable to login wireless router to set up Most of the hardware failures are joint loosening, network cable broken, hub damage and computer system failure, and so on. It is generally possible to use the observation

The C + + reflection mechanism that I understand

1. PrefaceIn the actual project, hear brother said C + + used in the reflection, out of curiosity, to consult the relevant information, found that the strong C + + itself does not support reflection, but Java support reflection mechanism. When I

High Availability of the juniper firewall using NSP

1. Experiment topology: 2. ip planning: Eth1: Eth3: 3. device description: The switch used in the trust region is Digital China DCS-3950S The switch in the untrust area is the quidwayS3526E of H3C. Firewall:

Find a large collection of basic Wireless LAN faults

This article mainly gives you a detailed explanation of the basic faults of the wireless LAN and provides a detailed explanation of some problems. I hope you can read this article to help you. If a problem occurs in your wireless network, it may be

What if the Tp-link router can't connect to the Internet?

Tp-link routers cannot connect to the Internet a workaround Tp-link wireless router, model "tl-wr841n", can be used yesterday, whether it is wireless or local connection. Today is suddenly unavailable, wireless and local are dead, the display

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