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Java Simple test Ping value tool to monitor the network connection ping value of the specified process and the ping value of the specified IP

The tool was initially written to calculate the delay of the kendo service, and later added features to detect the ping value of any process's network connection, or to detect the ping value of the specified IP. First figure: Above is the game effect, the upper right corner of the yellow is the software body When the mouse is suspended, the suspension

SEO tools-Wordpress second-time Master ping tool and Ping URL Daquan

SEO tools have seen many people use WordPress. However, some important functions may not be known to everyone, that is, the WordPress second-receiving function. Although everyone prefers their websites, however, many users who have been using wordress for a long time may not know that WordPress originally had a powerful Ping function. Because WordPress website users have different technical levels and are familiar with the source code, they often only

PING|TRACEROUTE|MTR tool for network troubleshooting under Linux (ZZ)

1.pingThe ping uses an ICMP echo request and a loopback reply message. The packet sent out by the Ping tool does not pass the TCP/UDP protocol, but goes through the IP protocol. The time that the ping command calculates is the total round-trip time of the packet.The common options for the

Compile your own ping tool

Compile your own ping tool Aspcool reprintedWww.aspcool.comTime: 10:00:25 views:2235 Compile your own ping toolPing is a tool used to detect the network connection speed. The following article describes how to use system. net. sockets in C # To create a

Scripting Eight: The Ping tool monitors multiple hosts simultaneously (running in the background and displaying)

)) ((all_sum+=1)) failed_percent=$ (echo "scale=2;${ failed_sum}/${all_sum}*100 "|bc) echo-ne" \033[$2;1h "printf" %-16s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-10s "$1 $all _sum $success _sum $failed _sum" ${failed _percent}% "usleep1$ ((random%5)) 00000done} #捕捉信号 (general Ctrl + C), and ignore trap ' ' 2# hide mouse tput civisclearprintf "\n\t\t%s\n" ' pingmonitor[ "Q" NBSP;TONBSP;EXITNBSP;!NBSP;] printf "%57s\n" ' ' |tr ' ' ' = ' printf ' %-16s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-10s\n "ipsumsucfailperc# cycle monitoring host,

PING tool compiled by

PING is a tool used to detect the network connection speed. The following article describes how to use System. Net. Sockets in C # To create a PING tool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PING is a

C # ping tool

Ping is a tool used to detect the network connection speed. It establishes a socket connection between the local host and the remote host name and sends an ICMP packet to it, then the remote host responds and sends back a data packet. By calculating the time interval between the sent and received data packets, we can determine the connection speed. Use Ping [/R]

[Tool class for java]ping or scan port

discovery.jar192.168.2.1:true192.168.2.2:false192.168.2.3:false192.168.2.4: false192.168.2.5:false192.168.2.6:true192.168.2.7:false192.168.2.8:true192.168.2.9:false192.168.2.10: true192.168.2.11:true192.168.2.12:false192.168.2.13:false192.168.2.14:false192.168.2.15:false192.168.2.16: false192.168.2.17:false192.168.2.18:true192.168.2.19:false192.168.2.20:false192.168.2.21:false192.168.2.22: true192.168.2.23:true192.168.2.24:false192.168.2.25:true192.168.2.26:false192.168.2.27:true192.168.2.28: f

Ping tool--fping under Linux

Objective:If you want to ping a large number of disjoint addresses and want to know what to put back, there is a very good tool--fping under the Linux system.Fping Official website: Download: under Ubuntu: apt-get-y install fping  Installation under Centos: wget xzvf fping-3.13. Tar . GZC

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