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Overview of front-end page optimization (4)

Through the previous articles, you should have mastered many methods to optimize your website. Now your website is loading very fast, but you must constantly monitor your website and understand its size changes. Otherwise, it may become a fat man

Several common network/server monitoring open source software

Want to get a clearer picture of your network? There's no better use than these free tools.Network and system monitoring is a broad category. There are solutions for monitoring servers, network devices, applications that work properly, and for

Cloud computing design mode (11)--Health Endpoint monitoring mode

Cloud computing design mode (11)--Health Endpoint monitoring modeImplementing external tools can periodically access the functional checks in the application by exposing the terminal. This mode can help verify that the applications and services are

Analysis of Web page performance testing tools web development, it is inevitable to develop their own page performance testing, self-written tool detection, too much work. Online there are several more mature testing tools, the following to introduce,

What powers Instagram: hundreds of instances, dozens of technologies)

Add By zhj: the translation is slightly modified. At the time of the original article, Instagram was not acquired by Facebook. After reading it, I felt that the three backend engineers of Instagram were awesome. Three people can handle 14 million

Toolbox for Web engineers: A tool set for development and debugging

This article is from The Web engineer's online toolbox of Ivan Zuzak. The author provides a variety of online tool sets that can be used for development, testing, debugging, and document orchestration. I found that CSDN already has this article 18

Stack Overflow architecture Update-now at 95 million page views a month

Document directory The stats Data Centers Hardware Dev tools Software and technologies used External bits Developers and System Administrators Content More architecture and lessons learned A lot has happened since my first article on

Instagram Architecture Analysis notes)

The Instagram team received 7th employees last month. As the most popular image tool on the iPhone, the number of Instagram users has exceeded 14 million, and the number of images has exceeded 0.15 billion. I have to say that this is really a

Instagram architecture Analysis _ Go

Transferred from: Instagram team ushered in the 7th employee last month, and yes, the 7-member team. As the most popular image tool on the IPhone, the number of Instagram users has exceeded 14 million and the

Web site test Performance tool

Hey, guys, it's time to wrap up the weekend! Thanks to a large number of Grunt and Gulp plugins, we can easily visualize the data on our website, although it is difficult to understand these tools in depth, but it is also helpful to list them in

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