piwik installation centos

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Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7

Statistics on piwik and centospiwik installed in centos 7 The original connection of this article is: http://blog.csdn.net/freewebsys/article/details/47146525 is not allowed by the blogger can not be reproduced.1. About piwik Piwik is an open

CentOS 7 installs open source data statistics Piwik

1, about PiwikPiwik is a set of open source Web site access statistics system based on Php5+mysql Technology, formerly known as Phpmyvisites. Piwik can give you detailed statistics, such as the number of visitors to the page, the most visited pages,

Nginx1.02 + PHP + piwik + centos5.4 build a website statistics system

My Sina Weibo:Http://weibo.com/freshairbrucewoo. You are welcome to exchange ideas and improve your technology together.   Build a piwik website statistics system   Build Environment   Operating System: centos5.4 (cannot connect

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers

BackupBackup software Amanda-Client-server model Backup tool Bacula-Another client-server model Backup tool Backupninja-Lightweight, extensible meta-data backup system BACKUPPC-Client-server model Backup tool and file sharing

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers (GO)

Compiled with PHP resources by other programmers, Kahun initiates a system administrator-related open source resource collation on Github.Content classifications include: Backup/Clone software, Cloud/cloud storage, collaboration software,

System Administrator Resource Daquan

Another article: "10 Best Books for system administrators" is now richer than the list of Kahun they have collated.Bole Online has launched the "system Administrator resource Daquan Chinese version" in the collation of GitHub. Welcome to the

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