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Android calculates the resolution/pixel/density/Screen size/dpi value for pad or phone _android

Basic knowledge of mobile resolution (DPI,DIP calculation) 1. Terminology and concepts Terms Description Note Screen size (on-screen dimensions) Refers to the actual physical size of the phone, such as 2.8-inch, 3.2-inch, 3.5-inch, 3.7-inch Motorola Milestone mobile phone is 3.7 inches Aspect Ratio (Wide-high

ViewPort, logic pixel/device independent pixel, physical pixel/device independent pixel, resolution, CSS pixel, device pixel ratio DPR, pixel density ppi.

One. Related basic knowledgeXiaomi Note Parameter view: http://www.mi.com/minote/specs/The following is an example of millet note this device.1. It is generally said that the number of inches of mobile phone refers to: the length of the screen diagonal. 1 inches 2.54 cm. The millet note is 5.7 inches and is about 14.478 cm.2. Physical pixel/device

Android calculates the resolution, pixel, density, screen size, and DPI of the pad or mobile phone.

Basic mobile phone resolution knowledge (DPI, DIP computing) 1. terms and concepts Terms Description Remarks Screen size) It refers to the actual physical size of the mobile phone, such as the commonly used 2.8 inch, 3.2 inch, 3.5 inch, 3.7 inch Motorola's milestone mobile phone is 3.7 inch Aspect Ratio (width/height Ratio) Refers to the actual physical size width/h

Adapts to Android tablet screen resolution and screen pixel density with CSS3 Media query technology

Using HTML5 in developing mobile applications to meet a variety of needs Android resolution and screen of tablet device density, which is a very cumbersome process, the ultimate solution is to use CSS Media query, matching the same time resolution and screen pixel density. O

Pixel, resolution, screen size (screen must SEE)

Brief introduction:Always understand the common units in Android is not very thorough, share under today. What's not in place, welcome to point outMeaning:1, Screen Size: Physical size (cell phone diagonal size, such as 4.7, 5, 5.5 inches of mobile phones)2. Density (dpi): the pixels shown per inch3, Pixel (px): The size measured on the real screen4, DP:

Canon 1200D screen and screen pixel resolution sharing

To the photography enthusiasts to detailed analysis to share the Canon 1200D screen and the screen pixel. Share list: Screen Canon 1200D has a screen and is equipped with a 3-inch 460,000-pixel Tft LCD

Canon SX510 HS Self screen and screen pixel resolution

For the photographers to share the details of the Canon SX510 HS camera has its own screen and screen pixel problem. Share list: Does Canon SX510 HS have a screen? Canon SX510 HS has a screen that uses a 3-inch screen

Pixel resolution sharing for Canon 6D camera screen

Give your photographers a detailed analysis to share the screen pixels of the Canon 6D camera. Analytical sharing: Canon 6D uses a 3.0-inch 1.04 million-pixel rotatable Type II TFT LCD screen, the horizontal direction can expand the maximum angle of about 175 °, vertical direction of the downward maximum rotation angle of about 90 °, up to the maximum r

Canon PowerShot N have screens and screen pixel resolution

To all of you photography enthusiasts to share a detailed analysis of the Canon PowerShot N Cameras have screens and screen pixels. Share list: Canon PowerShot N has a screen. Canon PowerShot N Screen Pixel is 460,000 pixels. Well, the above information is small knitting to all of you photography

Screen pixel resolution of Canon SX240 HS camera

For all the photographic enthusiasts to share a detailed analysis of the Canon SX240 HS camera screen pixel. Analytical sharing: Canon SX240 HS is equipped with a 3.0-inch 461,000-pixel Tft LCD screen, with a new streamline design, Full metal housing, aluminum alloy material, fuselage size of 1 06.3x61x32.7mm

Resolution of screen pixel values of Canon eos m cameras

I will give you a detailed explanation of the screen pixels of the Canon EOS M camera.Analysis and sharing:Canon eos m uses a 3 inch 1.04 million pixel touch screen.All right, the above information is the full body of screen pixel resolution shared by Canon eos m cameras for

Image resolution and pixel alignment in iOS development, and pixel alignment in ios resolution

account. Multiply the size values by the value in the scale property to get the pixel dimensions of the image. That is to say, the size of the image is multiplied by the size of the image and the scale to obtain the size of the physical pixel.Problem If pixels are not aligned, what is the physical pixel (pixel) and logical p

Resolution, pixel, and PPI, resolution, pixel PPI

Resolution, pixel, and PPI, resolution, pixel PPI Screen SizeIt refers to the length of the diagonal line of the screen, generally in inches, 1 inch (inch) = 2.54 cm (cm ). In the traditional sense, the photo size is also the conc

iOS Development: Resolution Pixel How much do you know?

point equals 3 pixels. The iphone 4 and iphone 3GS screen sizes are actually the same, all 3.5 inches. The same point, in fact, looks the same, except that the IPhone 4 has more pixels in the unit inch and looks more delicate. 2. What is the difference between PT and PX. PT (point) represents the pixel, px (PIEXL) represents pixels, this is two looks like, but

What is the difference between pixel and resolution

can meet the requirements. It should be noted that the image resolution is at least as large as the display resolution, or higher. If the image you are shooting will be placed on a projector for playback in the future, then the resolution of the selection should not be lower than the projector resolution.  Third, the

The accurate conversion of pixel and dimension by actual resolution and logical resolution

InstanceRecently made a visual inspection of the app project, which used to convert the pixel to the actual size, after the research learned some knowledge, here and you share.The implementation steps are:  First get the physical parameters:1. Cell phone pixel density (1 inches =x pixels) Dpix/dpiy2. Ratio of actual pixel to logical

Pixel, resolution

pixels, and the higher the DPI value, the finer the image, the smaller the pixel to the point that the human eye cannot tell, and the image looks different from the actual one. This is the concept of "how many thousands of pixels" for a digital camera. For example, a camera can take up to 1600 pixels * 1200 pixels of photos, the pixel value is 1600*1200 = 1.92 million, which is about

Canon SX60 HS screen and screen pixel detailed list

To the photography enthusiasts to detailed analysis to share the Canon SX60 HS screen and the screen pixel. Analytical sharing: Canon SX60 HS has a screen, using 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, with 65 times times optical zoom lens, the equivalent focal length of 21 to 1365mm, Aperture f/3.4-6.5, with optical stabili

U3d the relationship between screen coordinates, world coordinates, pixel coordinates

orthographic camera cam is set to Orthgraphicsize = 4.5, the camera viewport height is 9 and the width is 16. Three Modes of canvas: 1,screen Space Overlay: The range of UI coordinates is (0,0) ~ (1920,1080), because at this point the lower left corner of the canvas is at the origin The 2,screen space Camera,ui camera is set to the above cam, assuming that the b

Canon SX275 HS screen and screen pixel detailed

To the photographic enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon SX275 HS camera screen and screen pixels. Analytical sharing: Canon SX275 HS has a screen, using a 3-inch 460,000-point LCD fixed non-touch screen. Canon SX275 HS screen

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