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ViewPort, logic pixel/device independent pixel, physical pixel/device independent pixel, resolution, CSS pixel, device pixel ratio DPR, pixel density ppi.

One. Related basic knowledgeXiaomi Note Parameter view: http://www.mi.com/minote/specs/The following is an example of millet note this device.1. It is generally said that the number of inches of mobile phone refers to: the length of the screen diagonal. 1 inches 2.54 cm. The millet note is 5.7 inches and is about 14.478 cm.2. Physical pixel/device pixel/pixel: In

Debugging optimized code with the IBM XL cc++ and XL Fortran compilers

PowerLinux platforms. These new compilers provide a range of numerical options for debugging optimized code, and you are free to choose between fully optimized code and fully debugged code. In most other compilers, developers have two options available: Compile a debug version that is not optimized (for example, using-g), or An optimized version, but can be poorly debugged (for example, using-O2). In the new xlc++ V12.1 and XL FortranV14.1 compile

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl environment (3), php5.xmysq5. xl

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl environment (3), php5.xmysq5. xlInstall MySQL5.X Download Http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/ For the first download of mysql, You need to register it. You can only download it after successful registration. Pay attention to 32-bit and 64-bit, and select the mysql version corresponding to the system. Install In this example, choose mysql5.0 【mysql-5.0.67-win32.zip】and double-click setup.exe. 1. For the inst

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl environment (4), php5.xmysq5. xl

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl environment (4), php5.xmysq5. xlPhpmyadmin Installation Download Http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/downloads.php Pay attention to the mysql version supported by phpmyadmin when downloading. Install Because the mysql version is 5.0, phpmyadmin [phpMyAdmin] multi-language version is used here to decompress the package to the Apache web directory. (Here is C: \ WEB \ Apache24 \ htdocs ). Set the configuration fi

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl Environment (2), php5.xmysq5. xl

Apache 2.4 + php5.x + mysq5.xl Environment (2), php5.xmysq5. xlPHP5.X Installation Download Php windows official: http://windows.php.net/download#php-5.6Description For each php version, php provides two official forms: Non-Thread Safe and Thread Safe ). The thread-safe version is used here, because the apache interface is not provided for non-thread-safe. Http://write.blog.csdn.net/postedit? Ref = toolbarInstall Download the php [VC9 x86 Thread Safe

See WIN10 flagship Lumia950 XL Camera imaging at close range

LLumia950 XL now has the best camera Microsoft has built, says Juha Alakarhu, an imaging expert, who is currently responsible for the development of video technology for Microsoft mobile phones. After the New York press conference, he received an interview and personally demonstrated Lumia950 XL photo shoot.Lumia950, Lumia950 XL's image highlights:• 20 million megapixel PureView lensf/1.9 Aperture1/2.4 inch

Postgres XL FAQ

Q. What does XL stand? XL is short for extensible lattice. It also connotes an extra large version of postgresql, in this case when SS multiple systems. Q. Is this a "nosql" solution? No, ipvs-XL supports traditional SQL, stronugly conforms to ansi SQL: 2008, is fully acid, all while being scalable. you can however certainly use it as a key-value store and tak

Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database Cluster,

Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database Cluster,Postgres-XL: PostgreSQL-based open-source scalable Database ClusterIn the past year, IOE has become more and more popular in the industry. Many traditional enterprises have also placed their "IOE" plans on their desktops. I have always wondered why these non-Internet companies (such as banks) are motivated to do this? The empty slogans such

? POSTGRES-XL: PostgreSQL-based open source extensible DB cluster

Tags: distributed database? POSTGRES-XL: PostgreSQL-based open source extensible DB cluster The recent year the industry to the "IoE" more calls louder, many traditional enterprises have to go to the "IoE" program on the desktop. I always wonder what motivates these non-internet companies, such as banks, to do such things. Tall on the "self-control", "Revitalization of National Science and Technology" and other empty slogan first not to tube, the r

Display memory inconsistency between XM list and XL list

Display memory inconsistency between XM list and XL list This problem occurs on a Windows VM on xen4.1.2:# XM list test6Name ID mem vcpus state time (s)Test6 16 512 2-B ---- 158.0# XL list test6Name ID mem vcpus state time (s)Test6 16 2048 2-B ---- 158.6 Two different tools are used to view the same Vm, and the memory size is nearly 2 GB. Because the implementation mechanisms of XM and

Detailed steps for creating the ipvs-XL Cluster

Detailed steps for creating the ipvs-XL Cluster Recently, the company's business needs to use ipvs-XL clusters. There is not much network information about this part of knowledge. After a period of query and various detours, the installation was finally completed. Complete the detailed steps for reference. We also hope to help those who need it. Let's get started: Host list and role allocation for cluster I

POSTGRES-XL Cluster Construction

POSTGRES-XL is a fully acid-compliant, open-source, easy to scale, multi-tenant security. Support share-nothing; Support massive data parallel processing-mpp (massively Parallel processing). is not very similar to Greenplum. Host Assignment3 host, install centos6.2. Of course, you can prepare more than one server; This depends on the scenario (the GTM is a separate host; The exception is that each machine is best equipped with one coordinator and one

PostgreSQL-based scalable, open-source Big Data cluster database: POSTGRES-XL

PostgreSQL-based scalable, open-source Big Data cluster database: POSTGRES-XLhttp://www.postgres-xl.org/Postgres's-XL is a scale-out open source SQL database cluster based on the PostgreSQL database, with sufficient flexibility to handle different database workloads: OLTP Write-Frequent business Requires MPP parallel Business intelligence Operational Data storage Key-value Storage Geographic space of GIS Mixed Business Wor

POSTGRES-XL Collective Construction

PGXL Cluster ConstructionA preparation1 Download Install decompression source/opt/Curl-o http://files.postgres-xl.org/postgres-xl95r1beta1.tar.gzTAR-ZXVF postgres-xl95r1beta1.tar.gzMV Postgres-xl95r1beta1.tar.gz POSTGRES-XL2 compiling$ yum-y gcc$ CD POSTGRES-XL$ pwd/opt/postgres-xl$./configureError: Configure:error:readline Library not foundFIX: $ RPM-QA | grep ReadLineReadline-6.2-9.el7.x86_64$ yum Search

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 First, host planning Cnode1 (GTM) cnode2 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode3 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode4 ( Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) Cnode5 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) Second, configure host hosts on each node #vim/etc/hosts cnode1 cnode2 192.168.

POSTGRES-XL Introduction

first, what is POSTGRES-XLXL means: Extensible Lattice, can be extended lattice, will be the PostgreSQL application on multi-machine distributed database visualization expression.POSTGRES-XL is a full-acid, open-source, scalable, multi-tenant secure, PostgreSQL-based database solution.The POSTGRES-XL is flexible enough to handle a wide range of loads, such as: OLAP (parallelization via MPP) Olt

Fix Excel/xl/sharedstrings.xml with XML errors

Knowledge Point Analysis: Excel has found unreadable content in "test.xlsx". Do you want to restore the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes. Excel has been able to open the file by repairing or deleting the unreadable content. Deleted part:/xl/sharedstrings.xml with XML error. The name in the end tag of the (string) element must match the element type in the start tag. Row 14, column 3595. Deleted records:

Definitions of stm32 types Cl, VL, XL, LD, MD, and HD

-Startup_stm32f10x_ld_vl.s: For stm32 low density value line Devices-Startup_stm32f10x_ld.s: For stm32 low density devices-Startup_stm32f10x_md_vl.s: For stm32 medium density value line Devices-Startup_stm32f10x_md.s: For stm32 medium density devices-Startup_stm32f10x_hd.s: For stm32 high density devices-Startup_stm32f10x_xl.s: For stm32 XL density devices-Startup_stm32f10x_cl.s: For stm32 connectivity line Devices CL: interconnected product, stm32f1

Excel 2007:/xl/sharedstrings.xml problem with XML errors

Before leaving work yesterday, when the Excel 2007 format (. xlsx) document that was painstakingly edited for one day was turned off, a shadow was turned on the document and the following error occurred: Select Yes to recover, and the following error message appears, and all text content is lost. Then try some methods, did not succeed, search the internet for similar cases, which may be really a bug in Excel 2007, and all articles do not give a solution, it seems that the hope of the recov

Pcl xl error subsystem: Kernel

The company hp5100 printer does not print the content normally when printing, only print" Pcl xl Error Subsystem: Kernel Error: illegaltag Operator: 0xff Position: 61 Baidu finds the following methods and solves the problem. Make a memo. Fault description: When the printer prints, the following information appears, instead of printing the content on the paper:Pcl xl Error F

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