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Font download: 12 nice-looking free English fonts and 12 English Fonts

Font download: 12 nice-looking free English fonts and 12 English Fonts 90% of the information on the Internet is in the form of text, which is why designers constantly create beautiful fonts to make the content on the website more beautiful. In addition, there are a large number of projects based on printing, the font

Free SSL certificate download and Nginx installation

Because the SSL certificate expires, so want to re-get one, here see Wosign digital certificate and then tried. It's like it's really possible. But to register an account to have a one-year term certificate, but also good.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" QQ picture 20150616181527.png "alt

Hot 12 site templates should be recommended (free download points)

background slide effect (with PSD format file)Online DemoA fantastic landing page design with a slideshow effect. Let's say you want your web app or site to be different. I definitely recommend that you draw on the design of the way and ideas, I believe you will let your users say "wow ..." drip.A responsive set of bootstrap product page templates-ProduktaOnline DemoToday is a set of bootstrap developed responsive page template, can be very quick to help you set up user landing page, to help yo

Download 12 exquisite free CSS webpage templates

Document directory Coffee CleanBusiness Workshop shop Light House Blue Motion Comment ent Mini Social Lawyer Attorney Photo Pro css template 2 Breed Shop Around Pure Elegance This article collects 12 exquisite free CSS webpage templates and shares them with you. You can download them for free. Believe

12 Practical Free batch Image Volume optimization compression tool! Web Design Essentials (online Web + desktop tools download)

under Windows. It reduces the volume of the picture by adjusting a series of parameters to ensure that the image quality is minimized. The software uses a double preview window, you can adjust the compression rate and real-time to see the image compression quality. It supports Adobe Photoshop PSD files, Hdr/raw imports, and other supported formats including common formats such as jpg/gif/png.Write in the back:Anyone who has built a station or played an independent blog/personal site is sure to

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