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Getting started with the j2_2d games (3) control plane movement

I can't wait, is it? Come on, let's join the game's lead plane.   You can position this game in action games, an action game requires constant input from the client, basically uninterrupted, so plane need to constantly change the position. So how many frames should this frame-based game be set to fit? This need to test in the mobile phone, in the simulator, if

Getting started with the j2_2d games (3) control plane movement

Can't you wait? Let's join the game's leading aircraft.   You can position this game in an action game. An action game requires constant input from the user end, basically uninterrupted, so plane needs to constantly change its position. So how many suitable should this Compaction-based game be? This needs to be tested on the mobile phone. On the simulator, if it is set to around 15-18 Gb/s, it is more appropriate. According to several cdns of csdn, so

37th days one happy here-Android games hitting the plane (1) environment construction, 37th days android

37th days one happy here-Android games hitting the plane (1) environment construction, 37th days android August 3, Sunny. "The green trees are overcast and thick in summer, and the building is reflected in the pond. The crystal curtain starts with a breeze and is fragrant with roses. " Cocos2d is an open-source game development framework that can be used to easily develop 2D

Photoshop analysis of the post-production of the plane photography of online games

The plane photography propaganda photo of the online games, most of them are with fantastic large thick feeling, handsome cool style will naturally provoke many players ' taste of taste. Here to the famous online game "Day brake" in one of the plane photography as an example, together to see how the work of this late-stage, now let us begin! Effect comparis

Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games

Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games Micro-transaction has become a major strategy for developers looking for extra game profits. The two most popular platforms are obviously the mobile and PC markets. However, although their starting points are the same, their micro-transaction operations are very different. It is especially necess

Running Android games on your PC

Since running Google's Android phone, many friends have fantasized about running the Android operating system on a regular PC or Windows system, though many of the software are known to run the Android system. However, the period of fluency and practical degree is really not flattering. Recently, a much-watched software--bluestacks app player, claiming to be able to run the Android program smoothly on any device, does this bluestacks App player get o

NewsWatch: Movie tulinux will not be involved in PC games

Article title: Newswatch: UbuntuLinux won't be involved in PC games. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to foreign media reports, Gerry Carr, the product manager of Canonical, recently briefed reporters on the current situation and future plans of

Talking to Tom Cat computer version PC games new experience

, click the mouse, Tom Cat will go to the front using its claws on the screen to draw traces. Talking Tom Cat computer version of screen markings 4, the mouse moved to the eye, it will become a small knife, click the left mouse button, that is, with a small knife into its eyes, this little guy is not willing to, it will be directly hit the cake on the screen. Talking Tom Cat computer edition smash Cake 5, the mouse move Tom's head, it will become a bomb, click the mou

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