playstation network terms of service

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A collection of professional terms that you must know in the network protocol stack

Recently, I have been porting the network protocol stack. I have found a lot of information about the protocol stack. This is a summary of some professional terms and is hereby recorded for reference. 1. Several data exchange methods and features Line switching: the concept of the source telephone system. The hardware switch enables the input and output signals. Low latency, exclusive physical line. Line, d

Basic Terms of Wireless Network Security

For wireless security testing, not only physical equipment, but also basic wireless knowledge. The following describes some basic terms that are often involved in wireless network security. SSID (Service Set Identifier), a unique Identifier used by the workstation to communicate with the access point. The SSID can be any character with a maximum length of 32 cha

Fully explain the different features of the virtual network service and the Programmable switch

calls, user switches: the use of strict internal control calls is very low.Virtual Network: (generally, the cost is much higher in the later stage) User Switch: The cost is very low in the later stage)After the investment, the property of the device is virtual network: The property of the device is owned by the telephone Bureau.Add any internal functions and internal telephone Virtual

How does MSAP build a converged multi-service access network?

After a long history of multi-service access networks, many users are familiar with access networks. Here I will share my personal understanding and discuss with you. With the development of business and network, ruisida will keep pace with the times, provide access solutions with larger capacity and richer functions on the MSAP access platform, and strive to enhance the scalability of the internet for oper

Spore Frame-A simple comparison between the network game architecture and the micro-service architecture

cluster" in the figure, where "game a" stands for the game server you belong to, each game server can carry a limited number of people (at that time the technology a server group up to the same time on the line also thousands of), the number is full, you will log on to another server. "Cluster" represents a cluster of service deployments. The game server on each materializing corresponds to a game service

Experience sharing through the Microsoft Azure Service Design Network architecture

This article shared the experience of using Microsoft Azure Network Services from a product design and architecture perspective, and I hope you can learn more about these services and better design your architecture after reading this article. Microsoft Azure's network architecture is designed specifically for enterprise private cloud and hybrid cloud, which includes three common services: Virtual

IIS application pool Automatic Stop/Close/false Dead Network prompt Service Unavailable Solution

On my computer -- DCOM configuration -- iis admin Service, right-click Properties, and add the "Start and activate" button in the security label to the network service user to grant local start and activation permissions, restart IIS, but this problem may occur again. Symptom: Visit the site. This will cause the application pool to be automatically closed, and th

Linux nginx HTTPS network security Access Service

1th. HTTPS Network security Access Service 1.1 issues related to network security ①. Network security issues-data confidentiality issuesTransmitted data may be visible to third parties at all times②. Network security issues-data integrity issuesTransferred da

Chapter 1 Securing Your Server and Network (4): Using Virtual service Account

Original source:, featured catalogue: No person shall, without the consent of the author, be published in the form of "original" or used for commercial purposes, and I am not responsible for any legal liability. Previous article: Objective: The virtual service account, like the man

Ice topic: Comparison of network service platforms

Comparison of network service platforms-one of the ice application Series Since the 1990s S, the computing industry has been using object-oriented middleware platforms such as DCOM and CORBA. In the process that enables distributed computing to be used by application developers, object-oriented middleware is an important step. For the first time, developers have the possibility that they can build distribu

"Reprint" Network Attack Technology (III)--denial of Service & hash Related & PHP language & Java language

Found the original of this seriesHttp://, network security has become a focal point, in addition to the security events of plaintext passwords in China, there is one more thing that affects the larger--hash collision DoS (Denial-of-service attacks through Hash collisions),A malicious person will make your server run a huge slowdown through this sec

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