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Imperial CMS Message Board reply send email notify customer _php Instance

Description: Modify 1:e/admin/tool/regook.php/* Reply form * * Add code at line 43----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy Code code as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 67 Lines Add Form selection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WordPress adds a comment reply email notification function, wordpress notification

WordPress adds a comment reply email notification function, wordpress notification After a comment is replied, an email is automatically sent to the reviewer, which is a major measure to improve the user experience. Zhu Meng has been using the comments from Master Willin Kan to reply to the

Why can't you receive a reply to your email consultation?

When a user asks a question through email or other means, but does not receive a satisfactory response, there is a certain relationship with the user's questions in the use of email consultation in addition to the questions on his website. Customer service is an important part of online marketing. When a user asks a question in the form of email, he hopes to rec

QQ Email Automatic reply Setup Tutorial

Users of QQ software to the detailed interpretation of the sharing of the QQ email automatic reply settings tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Method One: The 1th step, enter QQ mailbox. Open the main QQ interface. Click on the above QQ mailbox sign, enter QQ mailbox page. Step 2nd, enter the mailbox settings. QQ Mailbox page has the "Settings

WordPress Add Comment reply email alert notification

Commenting on replying to posts, proactively sending emails to notify commentators, which is a great move to improve the user experience. Advocate Meng has been using Willin kan main comment reply email alert Notification Code, I believe many people also use, assuming you are not used. The best try.According to your own needs, choose a code, according to their own needs, the new theme functions.php or plugg

Wordpress message reply email plug-in wp_comment_mail_notify

Today, in the WordPress official web site posted a message on the reply to the plug-in, mainly including the front desk customer message shows that someone reply when the Mail notify me options, background can be modified when someone replies email me option, mail template Komatsu do the purpose of this plug-in is to solve the user's message when the mail addres

Write your own plug-ins to achieve WordPress comment reply Email notification

Comment Reply Email notification means: You reply to a comments, a will receive the corresponding email notification. Create a new plugin, only need a PHP file on it. First, add_action. Add_action (' Comment_post ', ' comment_notify '); Then implement our Send mail function. The main is based on the WordPress API to ob

Customer service management system-after-sales service, product comment Management, consulting email reply, etc.

Interface Project Description Customer Service Center, this system is mainly to call the order to complete the order after-sales service, such as the acceptance ticket, return ticket; call the member interface to query member information, and record the Customer Service Workflow through the ticket. Generally, the customer service center does not need to provide external interface services. The customer service center may have some tasks that require timed processing. For example, the O

Wordpress comments reply email reminder to increase website pv

The effects of comments reply to emails are as follows:Let me first talk about the conventional way to implement this function. This method requires confirmation that your host supports the mail function. Otherwise, it does not work. The following code selects the desired code based on your needs and adds it to the last one in the topic's functions. php file?> Above:// Modify by stcash. comfunction compute ($ comment_id) {$ admin_email = get_blogi

Empire CMS Message Board reply after sending email to inform customer _php instance

Description: Modify the 1:e/admin/tool/regook.php/* reply form */ Add code at line 43-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copy the Code code as follows:">/* FETCH user emial address */">/* Take user's message */----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 67 Line Add Form selection --------------------------------------------------------------

Email reply to <ldd3> "setconsole. c" alesssandro Rubini

Email Reply to "setconsole. c" alesssandro Rubini With a try-on mentality, I wrote a help e-mail to the idol and replied !!! My little heart ~ Haha ~ Who is Rubini... My help is mainly about setconsole. C. This is a small program of ldd3. Setconsole. c /* * setconsole.c -- choose a console to receive kernel messages * * Copyright (C) 1998,2000,2001 Alessandro Rubini * * This program is free software;

After the reply from the daguo CMS message board, an EMAIL is sent to notify the customer of cmsemail.

After the reply from the daguo CMS message board, an EMAIL is sent to notify the customer of cmsemail. Note: Modify 1: e/admin/tool/ReGook. php/* reply form */ 43 Add code at the rowBytes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Bytes --------------------------------------------

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