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Recommended 15 best JQuery distribution Boot Plugin

When a user browses to a Web site, it may never know how to navigate, how to manipulate the content and processes of the site or Web application. In this article , we have compiled a list of some of the best jQuery boot plug-ins. You'll find that

30 jquery plugins that should be used on the site to organize _jquery

Of course you may not be good at it now, but I'm sure you'll find them used in your future projects!. Nivo Slide Block There is no doubt that this plugin is the world's most awesome jquery slider picture, with over 15 transitions. Anything

2015 free 25 WordPress site templates

The number of WordPress plugins and themes continued to grow in 2015. This year, we can expect WP theme to introduce some new techniques, from backgrounds, adaptive responsive images to extracting the main color from the background image.This

Piwik and Magento combined

1. In the Magento website to pass shopping cart and order information, can go to the Magento plugin library to download a plugin, but this plugin to the order of information crawl, is in the order to pay the successful return page, For some

8 Recommended JavaScript libraries for SVG animations

SVG is a resolution-independent graph (vector graphics). This means that it will not suffer any quality loss on any type of screen. In addition, you can make SVG more flexible and animate. This article will recommend 8 JavaScript libraries to

26 + creative and responsive Drupal 7 Themes

Today we will share with you some creative and responsive Drupal 7 themes. For more theme resources, visit Goodfav Magazine.Properta-Real Estate Drupal Theme-MORE INFO Flat, modern and clean design; 100% Fully Responsive; Retina Ready; Bootstrap;

12 innovative interactive and animated effects from Codrops

Whether the user experience of the product is accepted by the user, a large part depends on the design of the interactive interface, the interface design is the core of the whole product design, and has a decisive influence on the product quality.

Extension for partial image enlargement-jquery. jqzoom. js

See: Jqzoom allows you to realize a small magnifier window close to the image or images on your web page easily. I decided to build this jquery plugin to embed detailed big images in my B2B. so now in few

Wordpress Themes and website design and development manuals and resources

    If you want to start operating and releasing your first website, finding a suitable CMS or free platform is definitely a key step. Generally, you may choose wordpress, because it is the most popular website framework and product, you can see

Leading 2015 years of web design trends

Web design, like other areas of the web, has undergone several changes in the 2014. Several new trends in web design are expected to emerge in 2015, and more innovative and interesting design concepts will emerge in the area of web design,

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